CQUni's Visual Arts courses help Shannue make creating art her business

26 February 2021

Shannue Ongheen is looking to literally print her dreams into reality with CQUniversity's Visual Arts training helping her plan a printmaking business in Gladstone.

Shannue will look to launch her venture' Imbue Letterpress Printmaking' while part-way through a Diploma of Visual Arts - a dream she's worked on for years.

"Having also been an artistic person' I realised that for me to feel fulfilled in an occupation' I need to be in a creative industry'" she said.

"I have always held CQUniversity in high regard since I completed the STEPS program in 2007."

After inquiring in 2016' Shannue enrolled in the Certificate III in Visual Arts' which she undertook online.

"At first' I found it difficult to get accustomed to online study. I was also sceptical as to how I was going to learn this online when visual arts is so very hands-on and practical'" she said.

"However' living in the information age has its advantages and one of them is the access of knowledge via the internet. As I progressed with my studies' I soon found that I preferred studying online at my own pace' in the comfort of my own home. As someone who had once detested online studying' this came as a surprise."

Over time she built a rapport with her teacher' Carmen Gray and realised she wanted to go even further with her studies.

"I wanted to indulge myself further and study the field of visual arts at a more extensive level'" she said.

"The Diploma of Visual Arts also enables me to specialise in an area which relates to my practice' which in my case is printmaking."

Shannue has since purchased a cast-iron 19th Century letterpress machine.

"Currently' I'm using linoleum carvings as the basis of my illustrations. I have recently received decorative moveable lead type from overseas which I'm looking forward to working with'" she said.

"However' at some stage I would like to experiment with polymer plates as well' which will create sharper lines in my illustrations' thus allowing me to print unique business cards and labels.

"I love experimenting with hand-lettering and I draw a lot of inspiration from our native flora and fauna' so my work often reflects that."

Determined to get her business off the ground' Shannue has completed a Certificate III in Business Administration in addition to the Visual Arts courses.

"The structure of learning has help me to get started on the right foot. In addition' the mentorship has provided me with support every step of the way. The (Visual Arts) course itself contains invaluable insight not only on practical study' but also an understanding on art theory and art appreciation.

"The content of the material is engaging and the depth of knowledge that I have acquired has been rewarding.

"Similarly' learning about the expectations of how an artist should conduct their business' has helped me to understand the aspect of professionalism that goes along with being an artist.

"When I do finish the Diploma of Visual Arts' it will be a bittersweet moment for me. On one hand' I will feel satisfied and proud of what I have accomplished. On the other' I will be saddened that I won't be in regular contact with my tutor to discuss my assignments and course materials."

For more information on Imbue Letterpress Printing visit https://imbueletterpressprintmaking.blogspot.com/