International trio seek the spice of life in CQUni Rockhampton's training kitchens

10 March 2021

Three international cooks' with dreams of running their own fusion cuisine restaurants in Australia' have found the recipe for success with CQUniversity's Hospitality courses.

Ezra Magpantay' Venkata Krishna and Arshdeep Kaur have found a home away from home in the Willby's Training Restaurant at CQUniversity Rockhampton City campus and a purpose for their culinary pursuits.

Ezra' who hails from the Philippines' is studying a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery under chef teacher Adrian Newby.

"I have a sister here in Australia. I want to enhance my knowledge of cooking even though I'm a culinary graduate in my country' I want to learn more here in Australia' like different dishes'" she said.

Ezra said the COVID-19 pandemic last year meant she had to undertake her classes online and work from home.

"I stayed with my sister in Emerald' so I didn't feel homesick. I felt comfortable at my sister's place'" she said.

She said the training helped her improve her confidence in the kitchens of the Oxford Hotel where she currently works.

She said she has a passion for Italian cooking and she hoped to return to the Philippines one day to start her own restaurant.

Fellow Commercial Cookery student Venkata Krishna had dreams of being a chef while growing up in southern India.

"As a kid I always wanted to work in the creative industry. Over the past few years' I have been attracted towards cooking and also inspired by many famous personalities as their passion towards the hospitality industry made my attraction even stronger'" he said.

"I also want to explore different methods of cooking and the nature of spices to create a better experience for the customers. As the hospitality industry is also a creative industry' I want to fulfill my dream."

He said CQUni's training had prepared him for work in the industry.

"With my previous experience in the hospitality industry I am now managing a venue near Parkhurst'" he said.

"After I finish this course' I would like to get experience in the real time industry as a chef and start up my own hospitality business.

"The majority of people around the world has an idea about the Indian cuisine. I want to bring western culture into Indian cuisine."

Arshdeep' who also comes from India' said she wanted to explore the food and culture of Australia. She currently works at Hero Kebab in Rockhampton.

"Training is important because it enhances your ability to do work and give more confidence and professionalism into the work'" she said.

"I like the environment in the kitchen and like to work and learn more from the chef and his techniques of work and manage everything in work.

"When I finish my course' I can work as a chef in hotels and restaurants and can also open a business in my country in food industry."