Stay in top form this sporting season with CQUni's free online physiotherapy session

10 March 2021

Getting back into regular exercise or sport after a long hiatus is never an easy thing to do' but CQUniversity Bachelor of Physiotherapy students want to help people restart their fitness journeys in a safe and proactive way through an online physiotherapy information session on Wednesday 16 March.

Students from the CQUniversity Health Clinics in Rockhampton and Brisbane will work under the supervision of CQU staff to deliver the presentation focused on the best strategies people can use to prevent injury during their sporting season or fitness regime.

Physiotherapy Clinical Supervisor Nikki Rathbone explained that the session will tackle the most common problems experienced by people entering back into exercise.

"The main issues that can arise are overuse injuries such as knee pain' shin splints' foot or Achilles pain as well as muscle strains depending on the sport you play.

"It is important to ease yourself back into exercise otherwise a big jump in your exercise load means the body is fatigued and can't recover adequately'" she said.

"Participants find these sessions very helpful' especially the Q&A session at the end where they can ask questions about their particular concerns.

"We run sessions several times per year focused on a variety of common issues for adults and teenagers such as osteoarthritis' low back pain' heel pain' ergonomics and posture."

With the sessions originally launched at the beginning of COVID-19' both the physio students and community have embraced the online platform.

"We quickly found it a great way to engage the community from the comfort of their own home'" Mrs Rathbone said.

"It is convenient for both our students and the participants' and it also facilitates the two clinics working together from different locations.

"Delivering this type of presentation gives our students a chance to practice education for the general public which is quite different from what they are used to during their degree.

"They are normally giving presentations to their peers and lecturers and the content is pitched at a different level of understanding' so this learning activity helps to set them up for what they may need to do in the real world."

Brisbane-based student Grace Kingham agreed that the online sessions have been a benefit to both her confidence and physio skills.

"Due to COVID-19' Zoom became a part of everyday uni life and has proven to be beneficial in delivering information while maintaining social distancing'" Ms Kingham said.

"It has also become an accessible way for community outreach in the health community' allowing us this opportunity to deliver information on returning to sport post-injury."

To register for the free online physiotherapy session email: