CQUni-trained plumber Geoff praises the fluidity of the trade on World Plumbing Day

11 March 2021

When Geoff Mackay decided he wanted to become a plumber he was following in his father's footsteps and on World Plumbing Day (11 March) he's encouraged anyone considering the trade to see just how far it can take them.

Geoff works for Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas and undertook his apprenticeship there. He also attended CQUniversity in Mackay as part of his training' eventually completing his Certificate III in Plumbing in 2017.

"I've been a plumber for eight years. I wanted to be a plumber to get into a good trade and follow what my father did'" he said.

"(The vocational training) taught me and prepared me with the fundamentals and standards of the plumbing industry.

Geoff said plumbing was "one of the most diverse trades out there".

"I couldn't tell you what I do in a day because its different every time'" he said.

"Plumbing is an engaging industry and an amazing opportunity to take if put in front of you.

"Definitely get in and have a good crack. Apart from being a great money maker it's a trade that always keeps you on your toes and has you always learning."