Margaret's passion for land, sea and air to feature in unique CQUni Gladstone exhibition

20 April 2021
For more than 40 years Gladstone-based artist Margaret Worthington has captured the colour and vibrance of Australia's land' sea and spirit through painting and sculpture' and next month her talents will shine in a new exhibition at CQUniversity's Gladstone Marina campus.

Margaret moved to Calliope from South Africa in the mid-1970s and found her talents and sensibilities inspired by the beauty of the region's wide and varied landscape and oceans.

During her time in the Gladstone region' she has created dozens of watercolours' sculptures and prints' with 38 pieces taking pride of place in the CQUniversity Art Collection.

'It was 2019 that (CQUni Art Collection Manager) Sue Smith approached me about holding an exhibition of my works'' she said.

'Sue had been following my work for many years. I'd kept a folder of all of my exhibitions over the years and Sue took that and was able to weave it all together.'

Margaret's works and some metal work sculptures by her partner Clive Rouse' feature in CQUni's Coastal Marine Ecosystems Research Centre (CMERC) and she'd even taught drawing and sculpture classes to budding artists at CQUni in the past.

She said the environment had always been a significant inspiration for her art.

'I met Clive in South Africa and we sailed for a number of years on a yacht. We lived around coral reefs and were always snorkelling around them'' she said.

'Here' I've been to Heron Island and the Great Barrier Reef' I've volunteered for a wide variety of projects' doing things like tagging manta rays.

'I just love the ocean and the colours' the turquoise and the greens and deep blues and the colours of the fish.

'This has led me to want to learn more about it' so I talk to scientists. I actually do a lot of research when I create my art. But then I love the Outback as well.'

Her passion will be on full display in the Leo Zussino Building of the Marina campus' with more than 60 watercolour and acrylic paintings' sculptures in aluminium and fibreglass' and installations of watercolours and sculptures with projected videos and photographs. A coffee-table sized book has also been created to showcase her art.

'Having seen this exhibition put together it has made me realise when looking at my body of work' that I've got a lot of choice in what to do next. I could either go into the Outback' or head to Curtis Island and create new works'' she said.

When asked if she had a favourite work from the past four decades' she said the exhibition would encompass her personal treasures.

'I like to work in series and a lot of what will be in the exhibition are works I've kept for me – what you'll see are my personal treasures'' she said.

The 'Margaret Worthington: Land' Air' Sand' Sea' Spirit. 40 years in Queensland' exhibition will be held at CQUniversity Gladstone Marina Campus from 7 May – 4 June. The commemorative book is available from the CQUni Bookshop.