Take CQUni's agri-tech check at Beef '21

22 April 2021

Help is at hand for cattle producers trying to navigate the fast-moving agri-tech landscape' with CQUniversity offering a simple 'Agri-Tech Check' service at Beef Australia '21 to provide customised guidance on the types of technology farmers should consider for their business structure.

CQUniversity Precision Livestock Management team leader' Associate Professor Mark Trotter' said it could be difficult for producers and researchers alike to keep abreast of the wide variety of new innovations coming onto the market and differentiate between those technologies that just look exciting' and those that will genuinely make difference to your business.'

Dr Trotter said beef producers in the market for new agtech at Beef Australia should make the CQUniversity trade stand their first stop so they could gain independent guidance on the types of products to research and the right questions to ask of sales reps.

'By taking the five-minute AgriTech Check' cattle producers will be provided with an objective guide to the range of technologies available that may be of value to their business'' Dr Trotter said.

'The report provided is not designed to tell producers what to purchase' but where to look next and what questions to ask to ensure that they find the right equipment to help achieve their business objectives.'

Dr Trotter said that before producers get caught up in the rush to purchase a new innovation' they should ask themselves whether this type of technology will help them make decisions that increase production' reduce costs' increase the price received or improve farm sustainability.

'If the answer is 'No' to these questions' then it's time to think again and find a different focus area within your business for your agtech investment'' Dr Trotter said.

CQUni developed the simple and fast survey – the AgriTech Check – to help beef producers focus on what technology to introduce or upgrade within their business. After the five-minute survey' producers are provided with a customized report to guide their product research while at Beef Australia.

Also on display at the CQUniversity trade stand at Beef Australia will be a research grade and commercially available sensors which are used in industry-funded research trials into genetic evaluation' grazing behaviour and calf-loss causes.

'CQUni is working with both producers and technology companies to evaluate and improve these sensor systems so that the stand up to the rigours of real-world production systems and provide the crucial information producers need to make more informed and timely decisions'' Dr Trotter said.

'The other challenge producers face is how to connect different types of agri-technology' each designed to serve a different purpose. CQUni will be demonstrating how to bring these systems together for whole of herd' property or business management goals during the Beef Australia property tour to Belmont Research Station on Thursday May 6.'

  • The AgriTech Check is available at CQUniversity's trade stand at site R4 at Beef Australia. Tickets to the Belmont Research Station property tour are available from the Beef Australia website' www.beefaustralia.com.au.