10,000 Steps launches May challenge

29 April 2021

From the Gondwanan rainforests of the Scenic Rim to Queensland's highest peak' Bartle Frere' in the Tropical North - this May 10'000 Steps has partnered with Queensland National Parks to take you on a virtual walking journey through some of Queensland's most naturally and culturally diverse places.

The free web and app-based 10'000 Steps monthly Challenges aim to inspire you to move more every day' but also to think outside and find a walk or hike in a park or forest to help you achieve your physical activity goals.

During the May challenge' participants will aim to complete the distance of Queensland's Great Walks and multi-day hikes' journeying through large parts of the State—virtually. The Challenge is also supported by helpful information' hints and tips on how to prepare for a 'real' long-distance walk' should participants be inspired to do so in the future.

The 10'000 Steps program is excited to be celebrating 20 years in 2021 as it continues to be delivered by CQUniversity with funding from Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

CQUniversity Professorial Research Fellow Corneel Vandelanotte' attributes the long-term success of the program to a few key elements including a simple message' high brand recognition and successful partnerships across many sectors.

"Motivating people to add more activity to their day is more complex than it may seem' but partnerships like this 10'000 Steps Challenge with Queensland National Parks go a long way to connect evidence-based concepts to increase physical activity with local places and opportunities.

"It's also about consistent messaging – every step counts' every move counts – and doing something is better than nothing" says Corneel "and why wouldn't you want to choose to be active in nature - our Queensland parks and forests are simply breathtaking."

Queensland Environment and Science Minister Meaghan Scanlon said getting out into one of the state's stunning national parks was a great way to add interest to physical activity.

"The Palaszczuk Government is investing $50 million to upgrade facilities at our national parks' like walking trails' as part of our $1 billion to protect the environment - because we know Queenslanders love their nature'" Ms Scanlon said.

"We have some of the world's most fascinating natural environments' with a vast array of flora and fauna endemic to Queensland. You can't see these plants and animals anywhere else in the world so why not combine some regular exercise with broadening your knowledge and understanding of our nearby national parks?

"I'd also like to congratulate CQUniversity on its 10'000 Steps program for reaching the milestone of 20 years of helping people add more regular activity to their lives."

One of the great attributes of our parks and forests are that they have something for everyone. The Think Outside campaign has a range of blog articles to help you get prepared and motivated and many suggestions for activities across the State' suitable for everyone.

While our routines can look quite different during the week' on weekends' school holidays or when you are travelling – we want Queenslanders to choose more active outdoor adventures – every day! It's good for your body and your mind. Whether exploring your local area or while travelling' think outside and find a park' forest or trail to help you move more. Getting active outdoors will help you achieve your steps and activity goals' boost physical and mental wellbeing and provides an opportunity to explore this amazing State we live in! Queensland National Parks are good to go.

Join the Challenge by signing up to the 10'000 Steps program.