Isabella finds CQUni's visual arts courses are just as inspirational online

28 April 2021

For an emerging creative like Isabella Cort' learning that CQUniversity's Visual Arts courses could be done completely online was the news she'd been hoping for.

The busy 20-year-old Brisbane resident has taken her talents to the next level' working closely with CQUniversity's visual arts teachers' hundreds of kilometres to the north in Rockhampton.

Isabella said while many art students would naturally prefer face-to-face lessons' she'd found the level of training to be just as personal' despite the distance.

"I am currently studying the Certificate III in Visual Arts' carrying out my studies purely online'" she said.

"Actually' for me even though it might seem unusual' online education is a familiar experience. I began elite level classical ballet training at a young age' and this is how I received a lot of my schooling. Continuing on with my studies now' I suppose it only feels natural."

She said when researching the many art courses available throughout Queensland' keeping a tight schedule around study and work was important.

"To me' with my schedule' one of the most important things was having the option of online learning. So' when I discovered that this was something CQUni offered' I was very excited'" she said.

"Prior to enrolling I also reached out to the University's faculty' and I found they were super helpful in answering all my questions and pointing me in the right direction with what I wanted to do."

She said while she initially enrolled to develop her skills on a more professional level' in order to market her work to the public' she found there were a lot more avenues within the visual arts than she realised.

"I am excited to see where things might go. So far' I've found the course to be really great. I was a little unsure how it would go at first' but really' I've been able to learn so much'" she said.

"My practice and knowledge around art has developed quite a lot since the start' and I hope to keep this going."

Teacher Carmen Gray said CQUni's visual arts courses were just as in-depth online as they are on campus.

"The students really appreciate the flexibility of online study'" she said.

"They can work where and when they want' so it's ideal for those with employment or family commitments. It's also great for those who live remotely or who don't have transport.

"We keep in contact with our online students via phone and email' so they are never isolated. In this way' they receive personal feedback and advice about their work."

Isabella said she was definitely considering further visual arts studies.

"So far' my experience has been wonderful' and I see no reason not to. The course has certainly opened my eyes to all the many possibilities within the art realm' so there are a lot of things to contemplate now'" she said.

"Online study might not be for everyone' but like any form of online education' what you put in is what you get out. So' if you're really commit yourself to it and dedicate regular time' it can be such a rewarding experience and I would definitely encourage people to give it a go."