CQUniversity expert on gambling behaviours presents risks to AFL Hawks squad

18 May 2021

CQUniversity expert on gambling behaviours Dr Alex Russell has this week fronted players from the AFL's Hawthorn Football Club to provide them with important lessons around the risks associated with problem gambling.

'This was an initiative by the Hawks themselves. Their senior players recognised that the younger players were interested in products that may not be traditional forms of gambling' but that share all the dangerous characteristics of the riskiest forms of gambling'' Dr Russell explained.

'Through their player manager Josh McCahon' I was invited to help educate the young players on the risks of these products' and why they're the most at risk demographically.'

Dr Russell' a Senior Postdoctoral Fellow at the University's Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory' said young males with free time and disposable income were high on the risk agenda.

'Young males are already the most at risk of developing problems due to gambling.

'Products such as online gaming' crypto' stock markets and NFL trading cards provide even more chances to develop issues.

'The aim of the session was therefore to show what these products have in common with gambling' especially the riskiest forms of gambling' so that they can be aware of the risks.'

Dr Russell provided the players with the relevant tools to combat potential gambling concerns' before they become an issue.

'We discussed the warning signs of problems developing' including many of these products being something they can do socially' which can then easily lead to being influenced by peers'' Dr Russell explained.

'It's fantastic that the Hawks are being proactive in educating their players about risks associated with these kinds of products.'