High achieving digital media students win Adobe prizes

25 May 2021

CQUniversity teamed up with Adobe to present the CQU Digital Media Adobe Awards to 10 well-deserving Bachelor of Digital Media students.

Adobe has generously sponsored this award program by providing 10 free Creative Cloud licences for 12 months' with a value of over $9000.

The prizes were awarded to the 10 students who had completed between 48 and 96 credit points (between 8 and 16 units)' and who had attained the highest grade point average in that cohort.

The winning students were excited by their prizes and proud to have their achievements recognised in this way.

Sara Jackson' who is currently in her second year of study at CQUniversity's Bundaberg campus' said she didn't even know awards like this existed.

"I have always just tried my hardest to get the best grades I could to get a great job in an industry I will enjoy once I graduate. I'm hoping this award will further help me achieve that goal'"

she said.

Another winner' third year student Rhiana Murray from Rockhampton said it meant a lot to her that her skills and hard work had been recognised.

"It gives me a real sense of accomplishment. The fact that my skills have been recognised as being good enough to win an award has really boosted my confidence and has allowed me to apply for jobs that I might otherwise have not gone for.

"In fact' I have just received a job at the Uni in my field!"

she said.

Associate Professor Steven Pace said: "The Digital Media staff and students certainly appreciate the support that Adobe provides.

"Their partnership goes beyond providing great software products' online resources and sponsorship of awards like this.

"Adobe representatives Jerry Wong and Tim Kitchen have regular check-in meetings with CQUni Digital Media staff.

"They and their associates have run professional development sessions for us in-person and online' and they regularly conduct free online tutorials for students' staff and the wider CQUniversity community."

Like most recipients' Rockhampton student Kellie Webb said receiving this award has boosted her confidence.

"The more I use Premiere Pro' After Effects' Photoshop and Illustrator' the better creative I become' the better student I am and a more employable graduate I will be.

"I am quite undecided on what career I would like after I graduate' but as I work through my degree and add to my portfolio' I wholeheartedly believe my strengths will shine and I will have an array of careers I could pursue.

"Thank you so much to Adobe for this award and for encouraging my creativity."