CQUni chiropractors say living with back pain shouldn't be 'normal'

26 May 2021

With the prevalence of back pain being a true burden in the community' CQUniversity communities around Queensland are being urged to consider all their healthcare options when it comes to the treatment and intervention of back pain.

According to the Institute of Health and Welfare' around four million Australians (16 per cent of the population) have back problems.

It is also estimated that between 70 and 90 per cent of people will suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives.

Chiropractors believe that while pain is the main symptom' low back pain is now the leading cause of disability worldwide.

"Whether people are experiencing pain from bad habits like inactivity' or are suffering from an exercise injury' they have options like chiropractic care to help them get back to their best self'"

says Dawn Dane' CQUniversity Chiropractic Head of Course.

A recent survey by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) found that 40 per cent of respondents admitted to suffering from back pain after a third of the Australian workforce found themselves working from home last year.

The same survey also revealed that a third of people living with pain' including back pain' admitted to having reduced movement and mobility (32.6 per cent) which has significant impacts on quality of life' including work life' social life and mental health.

"With back pain being a leading cause of disability' it's important that our communities understand all their options when it comes to treating their pain' and that chiropractic care can be a viable option for them."

CQUni healthcare chiropractors join the ACA in raising awareness of the causes and negative effects of back pain during this Spinal Health Week from 24-30 May ' with the 2021 theme 'Sore Back? Consider a Chiro' .

"We work in partnership with our patients to tailor their care accordingly' by using a variety of non-surgical techniques and applying a hands-on approach to healthcare that is backed by scientific studies from around the world."

For those who wish to keep a healthy back' CQUni healthcare chiropractors also suggest using chiropractic as a preventative healthcare option' as chiropractors offer exercise programs' lifestyle advice and assistance to help incorporate positive health habits into your everyday life.

CQUni offers student-run chiropractic clinics' under the supervision of qualified chiropractors' as part of its health clinics in Mackay' Sydney and Brisbane' and offers undergraduate studies in the field.