CQU jumps up to support local podiatrists

02 June 2021

CQUniversity has stepped up to the plate and delivered Central Queensland podiatrists the opportunity to access professional development close to home.

This was the second professional development event hosted by the University in the past few years – the last one was held in 2019.

Despite podiatry professional development being held in metropolitan areas on a regular basis' it had been more than 20 years since podiatrists had been offered the opportunity to improve their skill sets in Central Queensland prior to the CQUniversity events.

CQUniversity Podiatry lecturer Julie Nguyen said it was important that podiatry clinicians keep up to date with evidence-based medicine and research and to have this opportunity close to home was critical.

"Clinicians should continually improve their knowledge and skills to provide patients with the best treatment and outcomes'"

Ms Nguyen explained.

"As a University' we have identified the need to host' facilitate and provide this professional development in Central Queensland to assist clinicians in their lifelong learning."

Following the success of the professional development sessions at CQUniversity' and in collaboration with Australian Podiatry Association' the University has established a network for podiatrists working in Central Queensland.

This network will allow podiatrists in the region to meet on a regular basis to share their skills' experience and knowledge with each other.

It will also provide a forum for podiatrists to arrange future professional development events hosted in the region.

CQUniversity currently offers a four-year undergraduate course' with embedded honours' in podiatry in Rockhampton.

Five alumni from this program were participants in the recent professional development at CQUniversity.

This year's professional development event was sponsored by the Advanced Practicing Podiatrists - High Risk Foot Group.