Queensland Theatre Company inspires Mackay students

03 June 2021

CQUniversity's Bachelor of Theatre students in Mackay recently enjoyed a visit from Jackson McGovern of the Queensland Theatre Company.

Jackson is currently on tour conducting workshops for The Scene Project' a unique drama program for secondary schools across Queensland.

Bachelor of Theatre Head of Course Dr Linda Lorenza said they were delighted to welcome Jackson back for a second year for two special acting masterclasses with the first year and third year students.

First year student' Hanna Herwin' said Jackson helped her to understand and connect with her monologue and made her feel more prepared for her exam.

"Jackson broke it down into small sections' which both helped me to memorise the words and ensured I understood what I was saying'"

she said.

"He gave me tips on how to engage with the audience and to keep their focus while on stage."

Jackson said it was a privilege to play even the smallest part in the students' growth.

"Teaching artists of all ages is so rewarding' and it makes me better as an actor' director and simply as a creative human'"

he said.

"The ideas and choices students have and make are more often than not so much cleverer and more insightful than the ones I have' and the students at CQUniversity couldn't have epitomised that more if they tried."

Amidst the pandemic' Dr Lorenza had to find innovative ways for students to undertake the practical components of developing their craft in acting' singing and dancing.

"In term one of 2020' we presented War in Our World' a three-episode online drama' filmed in four different locations according to where students were located in the lockdown'"

she said.

"We reached a live audience of over 100 people each night and since the initial livestream' we have left the episodes on the CQCM Facebook page' where each episode now has more than 1000 views."

Students commenced an intensive three-week rehearsal of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown on Monday' 31 May with guest director' James Lee.

Performances will be held from 18-20 June at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music.