CQU students help clients become masters of their own voice

09 June 2021

CQUniversity speech pathology students have been helping clients master their own voice through specialised voice clinics in Rockhampton.

The CQUniversity voice clinic has been run by the University's fourth-year speech pathology students under the supervision of experienced speech pathologists and academics to help clients with a variety of speech concerns.

Voice clinic educator and speech pathologist Melinda Licciardello said the clinic is suited to anyone with a voice problem or disorder or those who would simply like to improve their voice skills in general.

The clinics are flexibly run over four weeks with both individual and group services provided either face to face or via telehealth.

Ms Licciardello said the clinic had often attracted professionals such as teachers' journalists' singers and actors' as well as clients with voice disorders from medical conditions such as parkinsons disease.

"Sessions are targeted to a client's individual needs which could include general education and strategies on how to look after their voice or use it better'"

she explained.

"There are lots of exercises as well as hygiene strategies which our students can teach our clients to help with their voice concerns.

"We are pleased to offer this clinic to our community as these services may sometimes be difficult to access."

For information about the next voice clinic contact the CQUniversity Health Clinic on 49309031 or email RockhamptonHealthClinic@cqu.edu.au.