CQU musicians get a taste of tour

14 July 2021

CQUniversity Bachelor of Music student Clayton Hooper and graduate Bellani Smith were able to experience the life of a musician on tour at the recent QMusic - Women in Music tour Grrrls to the North.

The regional tour saw Maddi and the Hoopers lead guitarist Clayton Hooper support headline act Jesswar in Rockhampton while singer Bellani finished off the tour as a support artist in Cairns.

As a Cairns local' Bellani said being able to perform in her hometown made the experience more special as she was able to share the experience with people who have supported her throughout her career.

"I was so honoured to be considered for this multi-genre' multi-cultural event and getting on stage to share my art was so fulfilling'"

Bellani said.

"Feeling the love and strength of the women on stage and from my friends and family supporting me in the crowd was a highlight.

"Also' the professionalism of the performers on stage and the crew was lovely. The support they showed each other and me was inspiring."

She described the opportunity to perform with local talents and Brisbane stars as a great learning experience and a positive step in her career as an artist and singer-songwriter.

"I have been able to combine what I learnt through my studies at CQUniversity with firsthand experience in the industry.

"The connections I have been able to make with other people in the industry' both through CQUni and initiatives like Women in Music' is a huge benefit. I have found the music industry is really about who you know and helping each other out'"

she explained.

"There so many people that love to support and encourage the next generation of young muso's and those friendships and mentorships will stay with you for the rest of your life."

With COVID impacting the music community around Australia' Bellani encouraged people to keep an eye out for future QMusic – Women in Music events.

"Listen out for me and any of the other regional artists out there' we heavily rely on the support of our community so go out and buy a ticket to a local show if it's safe to do so!"

QMusic partners with regional councils and the Regional Arts Services Network (RASN) to develop and deliver the QMentorship program. QMentorship is an important initiative under QMusic's Women in Music program and supports early-career industry professionals who are pursuing a career within the music industry' or who want to explore other skills for gaining employment.