Distance no barrier for inspired seaman

04 August 2021

Jack Morgan's study background is vastly different to many.

Bounded by ocean as far as the eye can see' the Sydney-based CQUniversity student is studying a Bachelor of Property (Financial Planning) while onboard a navy ship.

Despite being thousands of kilometres away from any CQUniversity campus' Jack' 24' said distance was no barrier.

"I'm enrolled as an online student and sometimes if there is no internet connection while on board' or if there's a period of time that I am focussing on operational requirements' I just work with the training officer that we have on the ship and he looks after my assignments until they can be submitted'" he said' speaking while onboard the ship.

"We also have an invigilator who oversees my exams and who will pass everything onto the CQU course coordinator.

"I'm really appreciative that the uni can be so supportive and flexible."

While already in the navy' Jack enrolled in CQUniversity's Bachelor of Property majoring in Financial Planning in 2019 and is about halfway through the degree.

"There weren't many universities offering property degrees and certainly none which seemed to have offered the one with a financial planning major which suited me the most'" Jack explained.

Jack said he chose to study the degree after 'being given the right books and meeting the right people'.

"This degree is completely passion-orientation for me' and I probably would never have chosen it if I went straight from school into a degree'" he said.

"When I joined the navy I was given a book by one of my instructors and I got engrossed in the subject and stared reading heaps on finance and personal finance. Then down the track I got a financial advisor and started setting up investments. I was then given a book by Peter Thornhill called Motivated Money and really enjoyed it and that's when I had that epiphany moment that I may as well get a qualification in something that I am really passionate about.

"Being in the navy I have learnt that study is power and that knowledge has made me continue to want to progress and grow."

Inspired by his passion' Jack recently decided to apply for a grant - which he was successful in attaining.

"I was scrolling through CQU's scholarships and grants website and stumbled across the BetaShares ETF student grant - I was shocked at how relevant that was to what I love learning about so I decided to apply'" he said.

"I modelled the assignment off how I invest in my portfolio and that seemed to really impress the panellists.

"I've never done many academic things before and winning the grant was such a confidence boost."

Dean of School of Business and Law at CQUniversity' Professor Lee Di Milia congratulated Jack on his achievement.

"We encourage our students to enter industry-based awards' grants and competitions'" Professor Di Milia said.

"In a competitive market for high-quality talent' winning such grants is an indicator of commitment and demonstrating capability'" he said.

"These attributes are one way in which managers make important distinctions between job applicants."

Jack now hopes to fast-track his degree and has big plans for the future.

"This degree is setting me up for financial freedom and when I finish' I want to focus on something that will be transformative for the sector – something bigger than me'" he said.

"That might be removing anxiety from adolescents and young adults by setting up financial methods and strategy – like financial planning but without the cost of financial planning."