CQUni's online visual arts courses helps Natasha pursue her passion

11 August 2021

Emerald-based CQUniversity Diploma of Visual Arts student Natasha Stanton is using her online studies and social media to help her make new connections in the wider art scene.

Natasha recently held an online exhibition' "Botanical Wanderings' to highlight her paintings' which focus on the natural world.

"My art practice Is centred around painting and drawing; however' I am interested in exploring printing techniques' photography and 3D work'" she said.

"The natural world and personal experiences provide a wealth of inspiration for my art practice. I am interested in using art as a medium to raise awareness of environmental issues and the importance of reducing our carbon footprint.

"Art is therapeutic in today's ever-changing world. I find solace in my art practice and hope that others experience the same when viewing my work."

She said the CQUni's online Visual Arts capability was a big attraction to taking on studies.

"Having worked in the art retail Industry for 20 years' I have always had a keen interest in the arts'" she said.

"I decided to study at CQUni because of the opportunity to enrol as an online student. Due to my location and personal commitments' this was the most viable option to pursue further education. I was elated that CQUni had a course structure that suited my needs.

"My decision was not only based on the desire to refine my skills but to allow myself new career opportunities. I am very interested in art therapy and continue to work towards this long-term goal for the future.

"During the course I have gained the necessary skills to refine my art practice and develop a keen understanding of the importance of the arts" in our wider community."

She said her goal was to open a gallery to showcase her art and the work of other artists.

"I am envisioning a future of being able to sustain myself through my art practice. Ideally' I desire to open a gallery to showcase my creative projects and those of other artists wishing to embrace a living doing what they love. Either way the Arts will continue to play a significant role in my life as I cannot imagine a world without colour and creativity'" she said.

"If you follow your passion and it will not lead you astray. You never know what doors may open for you if you take the opportunity to attempt something new."