240 students compete in annual CQ Junior Robotics competition

12 August 2021

School children from throughout Central Queensland converged on Rockhampton for the CQ Junior Robotics competition last week.

A healthy turnout of 240 competitors represented 90 teams from 19 schools as they engaged in rescue' dance and soccer categories.

This year's event was once again hosted by CQUniversity and held at the University's Community Sports Centre.

This was the 18th year the competition had been held at CQUniversity after taking a hiatus last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The competition is a great way for school students hailing from a region stretching from Bundaberg to Mackay' and from towns in the west' to get involved in science and technology'" said competition Organising Chair Jason Bell.

"The competition is an important way to engage with students who are interested in engineering' information technology' programming and robotics."

Mr Bell said there were many learning opportunities for students who participated in this event.

"Initially students learn a variety of engineering and IT concepts in the lead up to the day' but also gain important skills during the event such as teamwork and problem solving' and they enjoy competing in a competition environment'" Mr Bell explained.

"I often see students learn more on the competition day' then in the months leading up to the event.

"Once the teams get a handle on lighting conditions and the like' the games get quite exciting and competitive!"

Just like the Olympics' winners and place getters were presented with gold' silver and bronze medals in an awards ceremony at the end of the competition.

Winners of this year's Primary Rescue category were: Madi and Violet from St Patrick's Emerald (1st place)' Frenchville State School 4 (2nd place) and Frenchville State School 3 (3rd place).

Winners of this year's Secondary Rescue category were: ACC Roberto - Australian Christian College Moreton (1st place)' Sound Attack - Rockhampton Grammar School (2nd place) and The Brothers - The Cathedral College (3rd place).

Winners of this year's Primary Dance category were: The Redbacks - Bundaberg East State School (1st place)' The Jungle Kids - St Patricks Emerald (2nd place) and The Jimanji Desert Warriors - Bundaberg East State School (3rd place).

Winners of this year's Soccer category were: Soccer A - The Cathedral College (1st place)' Techy Trio - Emmaus College (2nd place) and The Goat Men - The Cathedral College (3rd place).

A special encouragement award was awarded to The Monkey Twins from Bundaberg East State School.