Meeting meat and designing food - it's all to do with science

16 August 2021

For many Australians' thinking about food is limited to consuming it' whether it is indulging in a Friday night home delivery' feasting as part of cultural celebrations' or just deciding on a quick and easy dish to cook for dinner.

However' this National Science Week' a team of agriculture experts from CQUniversity Australia is challenging this' by getting kids to think about how food is produced.

The team led by Dr Amy Cosby who is based in the Gippsland region' Victoria' will deliver three interactive virtual sessions during the week' that will be open to schools and students across Australia.

The sessions include a Meet the Meat practical where students will learn some basic meet judging terminology and concepts' how to identify cuts of meat' what factors impact quality and taste and how to pick the best steak; a dairy careers panel which will look at how people produce the dairy products that end up in restaurants and kitchen tables all across the world; and a horticulture careers panel that will explore how food is grown and provide and insight into the range of careers available in the horticulture sector.

Dr Cosby who leads CQUniversity's Agriculture Education and Extension cluster said that the team is looking forward to engaging with students from across Australia' to shed light on where their food comes from and showcase how they might be able to pursue a future career in the agricultural industry.

"We're excited to bring together students from around Australia' to explore the science used in the red meat' dairy' and horticulture industries which is in line with theme for Science Week' 'Food: Difference by Design.

"The theme this year is exciting because science underpins all aspects of Australian agriculture' from before the farm gate' through the supply chain and to the consumer'" said Dr Cosby.

"To tie in with this year's theme' we are engaging students virtually and providing the resources required for their school to take part in a hands-on activity 'Meet the Meat' where they will learn more about what factors influence the appearance and taste of meat."

"Our panel discussions on dairy and horticulture will then provide an overview of the range of careers within the supply chains for each of those sectors' so students can hear firsthand how farmers' scientists and entrepreneurs are changing our perceptions of food.

"We will look at everything from how the food is produced' to how it is being marketed and presented to us on grocery shelves and on dinner plates."

For more information including session times and dates' as well as how to register' please follow the links to each session below.

Meet the Meat' Tuesday' 17 August 2021
Dairy Careers Panel' Wednesday' 18 August 2021
Horticulture Careers Panel' Friday' 20 August 2021

All sessions are free and open to schools and students across Australia.