CQUniCares Kevin Greenwood Memorial Scholarship helps Danica build herself a brighter future

24 August 2021

CQUniversity Engineering student Danica Belonio wants to literally change the world and being named a recipient of a CQUniCares Kevin Greenwood Memorial Scholarship is helping her fulfil that vision.

Named after late CQUniversity alumnus Kevin Greenwood' the scholarship provides $10 000 over two years to eligible Engineering students.

Danica said the scholarship was a significant motivator to excel while studying her Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Diploma of Professional Practice (Co-op Engineering).

"I am grateful to receive the Kevin Greenwood Scholarship. It has helped me tremendously with easing financial strains relating to my studies and has allowed me to support myself independently'" she said.

"During my time at university' I found that maintaining high grades requires immense dedication and prioritisation. This scholarship helped me prioritise my studies and motivated me to continue to learn and study well. I truly am appreciative for the Kevin Greenwood Scholarship."

CQUni Associate Vice-President North Queensland Region and Chair in Automation and Future Work Skills Professor Pierre Viljoen congratulated Danica on her scholarship success.

He said Kevin was a valued and well-loved member of the CQUniversity Mackay community.

"Sadly' Kevin passed away in late 2019' leaving his estate to CQUniversity'" Prof Viljoen said.

"We are deeply honoured that Kevin entrusted CQUniversity to honour his wishes and are delighted his legacy will live on through CQUniCares Kevin Greenwood Memorial Scholarship' providing life-changing support to engineering students in the Mackay community."

Danica said she chose to study engineering because engineering literally shaped society and its future.

"I liked the idea of studying engineering as it aligned with my definite chief aim in life which is to have a good world to live in for the future' not just for me but also for the people around me'" she said.

"I was also impressed with how broad engineering was and how using both creativity' along with technical skills can solve real world problems."

Danica encouraged anyone considering studying at engineering at CQUni – particularly women – to follow through.

"The world and society are constantly changing' and engineering affects all aspects of life' not just humanity' but also the environment we live in. Now that we are starting to be conscious of the impact of our actions and make decisions that may or may not improve our livelihoods' it is important to have different perspectives and collaboration with people from all aspects of life to solve real world problems'" she said.

"Women in particular' should consider engineering as our experiences and opinions can provide new insights on how we can approach a problem. Having different viewpoints' particularly from women in engineering will ensure that we are going forward instead of backwards and that we can all live in a place where women's needs' and opinions are not neglected."

CQUni Major Giving Coordinator Roxy Jones said bequests like the one left by Kevin Greenwood went a long way to helping students achieve their academic dreams.

"Gifts in Wills allow CQUniversity to plan with confidence' invest in resources and' most importantly' invest in our students by awarding scholarships that make the University experience more accessible to more students."

"For many people adding a charitable gift to their Will is one of the most powerful and enjoyable decisions they make. They know they have created a legacy that will have a lasting impact and' in this case' the late Kevin Greenwood's legacy is already providing a huge impact to passionate students such as Danica."

For further information regarding the Bequest program at CQUniversity' please visit www.cqu.edu.au/bequests or contact Roxy Jones' Major Giving Coordinator on (07) 3023 4151 or ourpartners@cqu.edu.au.