Lawrence siblings rev up their healthy rivalry with CQUni automotive course

24 August 2021

Brother and sister Keith and Kieryn Lawrence are definitely a dynamic duo on the tools in the automotive mechanical work sheds at CQUniversity's Gladstone Marina campus.

Kieryn' 18 and Keith' 17' might have been born a year and one-day apart' but they have managed to develop a closer relationship while studying a Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation side-by-side.

The CQUni-trained pair have spoken about their experiences as part of National Skills Week.

"I have always enjoyed working on cars' especially older cars'" Keith said.

"I joined the automotive class to gain a more advanced insight into the industry."

Kieryn also became interested in automotive mechanical because of her partner' who is a mechanic' but she admitted she wanted to gain new experiences.

"My aim is to expand my knowledge and learn new things until I find what's right for me'" she said.

The pair have worked on vehicles together and always motivate each other.

"My brother is younger than me' but we definitely have a healthy sibling rivalry'" she said.

"I really enjoy working with him and we help each other out as much as we can."

Keith said although they can both be "stubborn" at times' they hear each other's opinions to work things out.

"My sister and I have always been close' and we don't argue often. We enjoy working with each other'" he said.

"She's one year and one day older than me and we hated this as kids because we had to share birthdays growing up' but then we took advantage of it and celebrated every birthday together.

"My aim is to build a stronger bond with my sister through the automotive course because we will have the same understanding of mechanics and can talk more in-depth about it'" he said.

While both siblings are uncertain whether they will follow the course into an apprenticeship' they were glad to be studying together.

"I'm still unsure whether to get an apprenticeship or not' but I like learning new things'" Kieryn said.

Keith said he saw automotive mechanical as a passion or a hobby.

"I'm not striving for an apprenticeship' but I may end up doing one in the future'" he said.