CQUniCares Kevin Greenwood Memorial Scholarship helps Shayla strengthen her family and her future

27 August 2021

Shayla Shortland is setting an example that women can play an important role in the field of engineering' so much so that she was recently awarded a CQUniCares Kevin Greenwood Memorial Scholarship.

Named after late CQUniversity alumnus Kevin Greenwood' the scholarship provides $10 000 over two years to eligible Engineering students.

Shayla said the scholarship allowed her to focus on her Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) studies while caring for her two children.

'I feel very grateful and blessed to have been chosen for this scholarship. I am a mother to two beautiful boys aged 5 and 4 and have been doing everything myself since the boy's father passed away in 2017'' she said.

'There has been times in the past where I haven't been able to afford textbooks or childcare to attend classes. I want to work hard to help better my family's lives and obtaining a scholarship has helped assist in reducing the financial pressure of tuition fees' so I can focus primarily on my studies and grades without the stress of being thousands of dollars in debt.'

CQUni Associate Vice-President North Queensland Region and Chair in Automation and Future Work Skills Professor Pierre Viljoen congratulated Shayla on her scholarship success.

He said Kevin was a valued and well-loved member of the CQUniversity Mackay community.

'Sadly' Kevin passed away in late 2019' leaving his estate to CQUniversity'' Prof Viljoen said.

'We are deeply honoured that Kevin entrusted CQUniversity to honour his wishes and are delighted his legacy will live on through CQUniCares Kevin Greenwood Memorial Scholarship' providing life-changing support to engineering students in the Mackay community.'

Shayla said she always wanted to work as an engineer.

'I am currently studying engineering because I want to use my skills to solve major problems and make a real difference in the world'' she said.

'I want to be a part of the design process and have my ideas heard to help make sustainable communities globally' tackle climate change and help our ecosystem. Engineers have taken some part in most of the modern world that we live in. I have always excelled in maths and science and have a strong interest in how complex skyscrapers and bridges are built.'

'I believe having a diverse workforce is important as it brings new ways of doing things' different thoughts and perspectives. Throughout my degree' I have already noticed a confidence in myself and have gained skills that have helped me not only in my studies' but in my personal life too.'

'The classes are very male dominated so I would love to see more women take on engineering as a career path. Engineering gives you the opportunity to make a real change in our world in a variety of different fields. They design most of the modern world we live in and strive to make things more eco -friendly and sustainable' which I think is so important now more than ever to help assist with global crisis's' such as climate change.' 

Shayla said she planned to find employment after she completes her degree and potentially undertake a Master's degree in Project Management.

CQUni Major Giving Coordinator Roxy Jones said bequests like the one left by Kevin Greenwood went a long way to helping students achieve their academic dreams.

'For many people adding a charitable gift to their Will is one of the most powerful and enjoyable decisions they make. They know they have created a legacy that will have a lasting impact and' in this case' the late Kevin Greenwood's legacy is already providing a huge impact to passionate students such as Shayla.'

For further information regarding the Bequest program at CQUniversity' please visit www.cqu.edu.au/bequests or contact Roxy Jones' Major Giving Coordinator on (07) 3023 4151 or ourpartners@cqu.edu.au .