CQU alumnus shares advice for aspiring accounting students

30 August 2021

CQUniversity's Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Accounting alumnus' Rachael Stock shares that aspiring accounting students can look forward to a career with strong future career growth and plenty of opportunities.

At a recent dinner for Central Queensland High School Principals held at CQUniversity Rockhampton campus' Ms Stock shared that studying at CQUniversity allowed her to stay local and give her a head start on her career working as an accountant now specialising in insolvency.

"There are so many opportunities for a solid career. With changes and an increased use of accounting technology the role is changing into more of an independent advisory role' which involves critical thinking' planning' application of relevant codes and laws."

Ms Stock also explained that accounting is not all about 'number crunching'.

"I always wanted a job which gave me the opportunity to work with different businesses across a broad range of areas'" said Ms Stock.

"The benefits of the courses and lifestyle with CQUniversity is the opportunity to work through your study and obtain practical experience in the industry which is so important."

According to National Job Outlook data by The Department of Employment' Skills' Small and Family Business' there is strong future growth predicted for accountants. Further' as noted in a 2021 report by Burning Glass technologies' Australian accounting graduates in regional Australian areas that secure full-time employment received an average salary of $89'000 per year.

With a reputation for high-quality student support' decades of distance education experience' and courses designed to meet industry needs' CQUniversity is proud to be recognised among the best universities in Australia' reflected in Good Universities Guide (GUG) 2022 rating CQUniversity five stars for full-time employment' teaching quality' student support and learning resources in the field of accounting.

CQUniversity's Bachelor of Accounting can help students carve out a path for a successful career in accounting and finance and offers majors in financial planning' management' entrepreneurship and accounting' and property.

More information about CQUniversity's accounting courses and eligibility criteria's is available at https://www.cqu.edu.au/courses/accounting-courses.

Applications for Term 1' 2022 are open. Apply via a tertiary admission centre before applications close on 9 December 2021.

Source: The Good Universities Guide. gooduniversitiesguide.com.au. 2021. GUG provides independent five-star performance ratings for every university in Australia' based on student-relevant criteria such as graduate salaries' teaching quality' and learning resources.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies. burning-glass.com. 2021.