CQUni alumnus and Stanwell General Manager shares life experience with Brisbane graduates

01 September 2021

Stanwell Corporation General Manager Generation Brad Perry has revealed how his experiences as a CQUniversity student helped shape his career with a group of eager graduates at a recent Brisbane Graduation Ceremony.

Mr Perry's association with CQUniversity goes back many decades with the first being his time as an apprentice electrician at the then CQ TAFE.

He was employed as an Electrical Fitter & Mechanic at the South Blackwater Coal Mine and completed training at the Rockhampton and Gladstone campuses. Other vocational education and training qualifications he acquired included a Certificate III in Occupational Health and Safety and a Diploma of Engineering.

Eventually Brad returned to CQUniversity' completing a Graduate Diploma of Maintenance Management in 2000' and a Master of Management (HR) in 2015. He even undertook finance training at the Harvard Business School in 2017.

Brad worked for Stanwell from 2000-2015' leaving to gain experience in the Canadian power industry. He returned in 2019 and has been in his current role for the last two years.

A Blackwater High School graduate' he worked his way from leading electrical hand at the South Blackwater Coal Mine to a senior executive at one of Queensland's largest energy generators. He gladly shared his experiences as a student during his address to graduates.

"To be able to graduate today you must have been able to demonstrate a high level of capability and self-management to be able to juggle the priorities of life and study'" he told the graduates.

"You would have had to plan well' to get to here; but planning is more than just day to day; it's also about long term goal planning to achieve your desired outcomes."

Mr Perry said he relished the opportunity to come full circle as guest speaker.

"It was such an honour to be able to give back to the University and students. I was very nervous but appreciated the opportunity'" Mr Perry said.

"I would like to thank the university for the opportunity to give back and I really hope the students and their families appreciated my perspective.

He credited CQUniversity's training for helping him excel in his chosen career.

"The education (received at CQUniversity) helps you to understand the theory and the why behind your chosen field and allows you to explore multiple perspectives. This really supports having a growth mindset.

"The biggest achievement (at Stanwell) for me has been when I see people and teams that I have mentored and coached realise their goals and true potential.

"I want to continue to leverage my experience and expertise in the power sector to provide leadership and develop operational excellence. I want to utilise my experience across multiple power technologies' to make an impact in the next phase of the energy transition."

He encouraged anyone considering study at CQUni to follow through.

"CQU puts students first and continues to evolve with the needs of its students' industry and communities'" he said.