Chiropractic career calling weightlifting champ

20 September 2021

Ryley Porter is carrying the weight of his future on his shoulders' balancing his record-setting weightlifting talents while studying a Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic) at CQUniversity.

The 26-year-old is pursuing a career as a Chiropractor to support himself once he achieves his weightlifting pursuits.

Ryley is certainly reaching those goals' having achieved the title of Oceanic Snatch Record Holder at the 2020 Oceanic Championships with a lift of 142kg.

He said he has always had an interest in sports health' having initially trained in cross-fit before taking on weightlifting.

"I've always wanted to do some sort of study in health' and I already have a Diploma in Remedial Massage and was working at a clinic'" he said.

"The hours in the clinic became a bit much I had been thinking about doing physiotherapy or chiropractic and I thought my previous exposure in cross-fit would help.

"I'm in my second year and really enjoying the degree – it's a good group of students and I've secured lots of knowledge."

Ryley said his aim was to work in a clinic or have one of his own.

"I've been weightlifting for 6-7 years. I also work as a barista and I coach basic weightlifting in Bowen Hills'" he said.

"I work four days as a barista' go to university twice a week and train five days – generally three hours each day.

"The nature of weightlifting is 100 per cent effort. There's so much time to recover between sets and let the heart rate drop. It's about quality' not just getting through each lift."

Ryley is still working hard on his weightlifting and hopes to compete nationally and internationally next year.

"The thing is I can't do weightlifting forever' so I need to have Chiropractic for the future'" he said.