CQUniversity digital transformation project recognised with industry tech award

07 October 2021
CQUniversity Australia has been recognised with a leading IT industry award as part of the SiteCore Experience Awards (SEA)' in the Best Digital Experience Transformation category.

CQUniversity was recognised for its work with Liquid Interactive on developing the new MyCQU student platform which delivers a single source of truth for students when it comes to accessing information and performing tasks such as enrolling in courses and updating personal details.

CQUniversity's Deputy Vice-President of Digital Services' Roy Pidgeon said that the delivery of the new platform has helped to improve the student experience by streamlining and personalising the digital tools students use to interact with the University.

"Today's students are more tech-savvy than ever and recognise a good digital experience when they see it.

"MyCQU is designed from the ground-up to meet those expectations. A student portal reimagined' MyCQU is a student-centric' personalised' one-stop shop that guides and enables students throughout their journeys' on any device'" said Mr Pidgeon.

"Through a headless' cloud-based' Sitecore Content Hub™' MyCQU's agile personalisation delivers information and resources that are hyper-relevant to a student's situation' reducing clutter and surfacing what matters to them at exactly the right time. It also works seamlessly with legacy systems' enabling operational areas from across the University to connect and aggregate data to create a highly integrated experience.

"For example' MyCQU has reduced the number of systems students need to log in to' delivering a simpler landscape to navigate and a powerful user experience (UX) layer that interfaces with the rest of the student-facing digital CQU."

SiteCore's Chief Customer Success Officer Lee Miles said that SEA 2021 winners have demonstrated how they used Sitecore solutions to make a significant and measurable impact for their audience and business.

"Digital has served as the lifeblood of so many enterprises' both competitively and at a time when physical shopping just wasn't possible. Intelligent content optimisation is (and always has been) crucial for stronger consumer engagement' helping a wide range of brands achieve business and organisational goals in today's challenging market. We are excited to celebrate their achievements with the Sitecore Experience Awards by honouring some of the most innovative implementations that push the boundaries of exceptional customer experiences from our customers and partners'" said Miles.

The Sitecore Experience Awards 2021 recognise brands that have built truly customer-centric digital experiences with Sitecore® technology. The SEAs are awarded to Sitecore customers and their partners whose entries clearly demonstrate their Sitecore solution is delivering ground-breaking customer experiences and great overall value to their business. The SEAs highlight best-in-class brands from four specialised categories.