Mayson proud to be following in family's footsteps

25 October 2021

CQUniversity student Mayson Armstrong has looked up to her many inspiring family members to take a path down university road.

The 19 year-old Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Business student says she was inspired by many of her family members to go to university.

"I am quite proud to say that I have a few members from my family that are either still in university or that have finished and have gone on to be successful people'" Mayson says.

"My cousin Shannon Springer is a doctor' his sister Somer Wrigley is a nurse and I have two other cousins who are still in university – one is studying International Law and the other is in his second year of Criminology. My mum also studied from home while I was starting out high school and is a qualified Naturopath."

Born and bred in Mackay North Queensland' Mayson says she initially wanted to become a surgeon' however that would mean a move away from home.

"I didn't want to go down that pathway and move away from Mackay. I saw all my other cousins and family move away to the big cities and I realised it wasn't necessary for me and being at home and studying locally was a much more convenient and better way to go'" she says.

"I studied business in high school for a few years and really enjoyed it' but it wasn't until Year 12 that I started to think about it more seriously as a degree I wanted to pursue at university.

"I really like business because it doesn't limit you to one industry. When I think about it' almost every organisation is a business. A building and construction company is a business' your local hairdresser' dentist or even school are businesses. That's what I really find attractive about business – the fact that it can take you anywhere."

Mayson says she hopes to become a senior accountant at the firm that she currently works at with an ultimate goal of becoming the first female partner of the firm.

"I'd also encourage every young Indigenous woman/girl to give studying towards a higher education a go'" she says.

"What's the worst that could happen? There is nothing in this world that we can't achieve. I've learnt not to limit myself and I have really had to learn not to worry about what other people think'" she continued.

Mayson practices what she preaches saying that women need to stop looking over their shoulders and 'start looking forward'.

"We're never going to be able to achieve our goals and put our best foot forward if our mind is too busy worrying about the little voices behind us'" she says.

"It is my strong belief that any woman/girl can achieve their goals if they remain strong' passionate' determined and confident."