CQU Indigenous Alumnus is a star example of dedication and hard work

27 October 2021

He has built a career on providing quality and affordable business services to people across Australia' and for this years' Indigenous Business Month' CQUniversity is shining a light on alumnus Jamen Wilcox and his rise to success.

Mr Wilcox is an Indigenous man of the Daradgee (Innisfail) and Mamu peoples' and the Managing Director of Djambul and the owner of STAR Consultancy.

Passionate about workplace health and safety' Mr Wilcox was frequently confronted with the stark reality of life-changing workplace injuries that could and should have been avoided.

In 2007' he decided to start his consultancy firm' STAR Consultancy' which focusses on safety' training and rehabilitation.

"I started STAR Consultancy with the aim to provide holistic consultancy and training services at reasonable rates to the Cairns community' and remote businesses and councils." Mr Wilcox explained.

Since its inception' STAR Consultancy has grown tremendously and Mr Wilcox saw the need to expand his services.

In February 2020' he partnered with a long-time friend and former colleague Jo Kitney' who is the Managing Director of Kitney Occupational Health and Safety' and together they established Djambul.

Djambul is a Cairns-based business that delivers a large range of services across Australia' including consulting' systems and project management services for Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses.

"We also offer mentoring and coaching services for businesses' associations and staff trying to bridge the cultural gap and build greater harmony in the workplace'" Mr Wilcox said.

"We will be hiring our first – hopefully of many – Indigenous Trainee in November 2021. Although do we have a number of employees and contractors in the business' both Indigenous and non-Indigenous."

Mr Wilcox said 'Djambul' is derived from the Yidinji Buma' or Rainforest People' from Far North Queensland.

"It means 'two' and represents the coming together of two businesses' two regions and the close relationship between Djambul and our clients'" Mr Wilcox said.

"The term' 'together with the Rainforest Shield and In-Strength handshake'' represents the core values of our business and the relationships we hope to build with our clients."

Mr Wilcox completed a Graduate Diploma of Workplace Health and Safety with CQUniversity in 2016 and said his studies provided him with the building blocks to establish second successful business.

"The Graduate Diploma enabled me to deliver practical and customised solutions that empowers our clients to manage and build their business capabilities in-house'" Mr Wilcox said.

"It took some time for me to get used to the online format' but the lecturers made it simple and easy to manage around my business workload.

"I enjoyed spending a week at the Bundaberg campus where I connected with other workplace health and safety professionals and students to gain an insight into what is happening elsewhere in the field."

Through his own personal hurdles juggling dialysis treatment and chemotherapy while operating two successful businesses' Mr Wilcox is a testament to his own determination and hard work and encourages others to follow their passions in life.

"Believe in yourself and don't be afraid to change career paths or reinvent yourself. I am a massive foodie' and it may be my next business venture."