North Keppel provides much more than just an idyllic learning setting for TAFE students

27 October 2021

CQUni TAFE Conservation and Land Management students recently had the amazing opportunity to practice their land care skills at one of the most idyllic locations in the Central Queensland region' North Keppel Island.

The group of Certificate III students honed their weed identification skills and carefully removed certain native and exotic weed species near the Island's education centre and surrounds.

During the two-day experience' students also learnt about land revegetation and began putting these principles into action on the Island.

Horticulture and conservation teacher Kay Pearson said the problem weeds on the Island propagate very quickly and are detrimental to the environment.

She said weeds' such as the Mossman River weed' were quite rampart on the Island and required the students to be vigilant in using correct processes for removal of the plants.

Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management student Jordyn Groves was excited by the opportunity to pursue her studies in such a unique setting.

"I'm a very nature-orientated person' so I'm keen to learn about my local environment.

"The course has helped me to understand how to protect our environments and about biodiversity laws' such as how we wash our boots to prevent contamination of lands."

With a dream of becoming a ranger in the future' stay-at-home mum Karla Blake also lapped up the scenery and gaining experience the Island provided.

"I think it's important to maintain the biodiversity of the Island and to keep the native species of the Island going without being invaded by all the exotic weeds here so we can enjoy it for future generations'" explained the Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management student.

"The great thing about this course is that I can go into all sorts of pathways' so at the moment I'm just happy learning' studying and hoping to see where it takes me."

Students in the Conservation and Land Management course enjoy a number of excursions like the North Keppel experience a few times a year.