Award recognition motivates Mckenzie to keep following her passion for art at CQUniversity

12 November 2021

Mckenzie Crawford is crafting a bright future as an artist with her dedication while studying a Diploma of Visual Arts at CQUniversity earning her a recent recognition from the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society (ADFAS).

The 17-year-old from Boyne Island-Tannum Sands said she enrolled in the Diploma while at high school to expand her horizons.

"To me art is more of a visual language' one that I aim to be fluent in' while I wasn't brought up in an overly artistic world' it's definitely one that I found an interest in.

"I decided to study for a Diploma of Visual Art at CQUni for the challenging environment that I just couldn't get at my high school. CQUni offered a variety of opportunities that could expand my own knowledge and understanding."

Through the course Mckenzie excelled in many artistic mediums' including printmaking.

"The area of art that I am practicing at uni is printmaking' more specifically lino printing' which consists of carving shapes out in a block' applying a controlled layer of ink then sending both the print and the paper through a large machine called a press'" she said.

Mckenzie was recently presented with the Youth Art Award from ADFAS at CQUniversity's Rockhampton City Campus.

The award included a voucher to assist with expenses related to Mckenzie's studies' and a visitor's pass to a lecture of her choice from the ADFAS 2022 'Eclectic' lecture programme.

CQUniversity Art Teacher Carmen Gray said Mckenzie fit all the criteria for the award.

"Despite the fact that it was a 200km round trip from Tannum Sands to our Rockhampton studio' Mckenzie attended classes every week and whenever she came in' she worked tirelessly to produce some beautiful pieces'" Carmen said.

Mckenzie thanked ADFAS for the recognition.

"I feel honoured to receive the ADFAS award and it has given me a sense of accomplishment' I'd like to thank this organization for acknowledging my efforts'" she said.

Now that she's completed the Diploma' Mckenzie has taken the next step by enrolling in the Bachelor of Creative Arts' which she'll start next year.

"After completing the degree' I will be pursuing a career as a tattoo artist and an Illustrator. The idea of being a concept design artist is also an interest of mine'" she said.

"After touring multiple other universities and their art programs I honestly found CQUni's visual arts area to be more professional than the others. The studio at CQUni displays terrific artworks that were crafted there' presenting a successful working environment."