Tradie turned engineer sets her sights on medical career

17 November 2021

CQUniversity has supported Stephanie Pasco through her transition from fitter and turner to engineer' and now on her journey to become a doctor.

The Rockhampton resident has started her career shift by enrolling in a Bachelor of Medical Science (Major in Clinical Measurement and Minor in Research) with aspirations to continue into medicine.

"I completed my trade as a fitter and turner working at the local power station. It was a great experience' but I was interested to learn more and further myself'" Ms Pasco said.

"I wanted to understand what the engineers were doing at work and how they undertook project management.

"I aspired to be more involved with the planning and designing' not just the fixing' so I decided to complete an Associate Degree of Engineering with CQUniversity."

After spending over a decade working in the power station industry' Ms Pasco still had the desire to become a doctor and knew it was the time to take a step towards this dream.

"I had kind of fallen into engineering because of my trade' however' my lifelong dream always to be a doctor'" she said.

"I do not regret pursuing my career as an engineer as it has gotten me to where I am today.

"I had a great experience with my engineering studies at CQUni. The practical lessons were very hands-on' and I received tailored support from my lecturers.

"As a Rockhampton local' it was an easy choice to begin the next phase of my career with CQU."

As a proud Dyirbal woman' Ms Pasco said her Indigenous heritage has also played a large role in motivating her studies.

"If I were to critically reflect about who I am and what I am' I would say my culture has helped me to persevere and help close that gap.

"As an Indigenous woman' it can be extremely challenging at times in any industry' particularly in a male-dominated one' however' I have let my work ethic and professionalism speak for itself.

"I want to show others that hard work always pays off and that anyone can achieve their dreams' even as a school leaver. It is never too late to learn and grow."