iFA Excellence Award winner inspired by CQU's aspiring advisers

25 November 2021

Daniel Jackson has been recognised for his commitment to educating the next generation of financial planners at the 2021 iFA Excellence Awards' taking home the 'Transformation of the year – Individual' award.

The Director of Modern You Financial Planners and academic casual at CQUniversity was nominated for his voluntary work in tutoring as well as helping his peers and CQUniversity students enter the industry.

"Originally' I was part of a small team that started a group allowing students to network with advisers as well as supporting advisers through their higher education obligations'" Mr Jackson said.

"We have since expanded to work with other key organisations and professional bodies within the industry' both domestic and abroad. Today we work with people from all over the world to provide masterclasses and further support for our peers.

"My passion is to help my peers and colleagues to build a better future for the financial service industry. I would like to thank CQU for allowing me the opportunity to do this."

Mr Jackosn credited the support of his colleagues and CQUniversity for helping him to achieve this prestigious award.

"It was very surreal when they announced my name as the winner. There had been hundreds of voluntary hours each that go into what we do' and it all just came out there and then.

"As I say to my team' it may be my name on the award' however' this award is a team effort' much like a racing team working together to win the Bathurst 1000'" he said.

"Working with CQU further enhanced my appreciation for higher education and the work academics do to increase the value of the advice we provide to our clients.

"It has also allowed me to be a better planner for my clients from what I have personally learned from current and passed advisers such as Andrew Lane and Dr Angelic McInnes."

The Albury resident said he had always been an advocate for further higher education in the Financial Service industry ever since enrolling in a Diploma of Financial Planning almost a decade ago.

"My long-term goal was always to complete my Masters. I made that decision on the 13th of November 2013' and on the 13th of November 2019' I graduated with my Master of Financial Planning'" Mr Jackson said.

"In that time' I had suffered a health condition early in my study but bounced back to become a National Dux and recipient of two National Subject awards. In addition to that' I have been a delegate for TEQSA and a member of an institutes Student Representative Group.

"Being business-minded and willing to take up a new challenge' it was only fitting that I started my own business in this industry. With a passion for higher education' we based our model that allows us to educate and empower our clients. From this' Modern You was formed."

Mr Jackson said it had been a highlight of his career to see the two industries - education and financial services - work together to improve the student experience and the quality of their content being taught.

"There are many rising talented advisers in this industry who are challenged with overcoming what others may think. I help them overcome this by helping restore their confidence.

"After receiving my award' I can now say to students that if you are worried about talking to so and so' or worried about pitching this idea' remember' I stood up on stage with a top hat and took a bow. If I can do that' you can do anything.

"It has been a pleasure seeing the talent that is going through CQU and I am excited to see what the next generation of advisers have to bring to providing a better advice journey for our clients."