Brooke is living out her childhood dream to help others in their time of need

15 December 2021

Brooke Cowie has always wanted to help people' and now she's living out that dream by studying to become a nurse.

'Ever since I was younger I have wanted to do something that impacted someone else's life in a positive way'' Brooke said.

'Even if it meant simply being there for them during their lowest point.'

The 20 year-old CQUniversity Mackay student and proud Gudjuda woman said she looked to her mum for guidance when it came to her career decision.

'My mum actually went to university and became a nurse before she had a family'' Brooke explained.

'She is my inspiration and a part of what encouraged me to choose this path.'

The first-year Bachelor of Nursing student said she chose to study at CQU for a number of reasons.

'CQU felt like the best option for me to pursue my nursing career because it gave me so many opportunities and pathways meaning that I was able to study whilst maintaining a work-life balance.

'I actually attempted to study nursing last year but wasn't able to adjust to study life properly so now I am re-attempting my first year.'

Brooke said she was 'loving' the degree.

'I won't lie and say that it isn't hard' but the best part of it is being able to find meaning and joy in what I am doing'' she said.

'Being able to have such easy access to support services' especially Indigenous services' that CQU has to offer has really helped me along my study journey.

'Without it' I might not have been able to continue studying.'

While she hasn't yet considered what area of nursing she hopes to end up in' Brooke knows that her future is headed in the right direction.

'The great thing about nursing is that there are so many pathways to choose' and all of them can be helpful to someone.

'I hope that in the future I can take pride in caring for whoever I have the privilege in meeting. I want to be able to say that I've made myself and my family proud.'

In the meantime' Brooke has some inspiring advice for young women like herself.

'Despite everything that this world may throw at you' don't let the fear of failure stop you from trying. If you can find meaning and joy in the things you really want to do' then nothing else really matters.'