Chiropractic students prepare to put their learnings into practice at in-person clinics

12 January 2022

Master of Clinical Chiropractic students Georgia Evrat and Ashleigh Widdison will begin their clinical internships' coming face to face with patients for the first time in the CQU chiropractic clinics in Mackay and Brisbane next week.

CQU Chiropractic students Georgia' Ashleigh and other interns will be introduced to patients and clinic operations with the support of the graduating interns and supervisors.

The students will be with the clinic for 12 months to develop and apply their skills and knowledge gained over the last four years. At the end of the internship' they will complete their Master of Clinical Chiropractic studies.

Members of the public can book appointments with the chiropractic interns to receive patient-centred care under the supervision of a qualified chiropractor through the clinic directly or online. Interns also attend a wide range of community-based outreach events where members of the public can ask questions and receive treatment.

Fourth-year student Ashleigh said she was looking forward to working with patients at the Mackay clinic.

"The student-run clinic is a great opportunity for us to practice learned skills such as patient communication' diagnosis and prognosis' management of conditions' radiographic imaging as well as chiropractic techniques'" Ashleigh said.

Georgia' who is also in her fourth year and very much looking forward to the start of her fifth year in less than four weeks' will assist patients at the Brisbane clinic.

"I've been seeing a chiropractor for 11 years' living and breathing the benefits of a healthy body every day'" Georgia said.

"Through seeing a chiropractor growing up regularly' I've been able to personally experience how an aligned body can truly bring out your body's true potential.

"After studying the theory and science behind this profession' I am passionate about helping others and want to show them the benefits they can also receive. While there is still much to learn and practice' I cannot wait to meet the public and share my knowledge."

Ashleigh' who currently works as a Chiropractic Assistant at Gray's Chiropractic in Mackay's Northern Beaches' said she hoped the clinics would enhance her experiences in the industry.

"(Working at Gray's) has been fantastic for me to learn the behind the scenes of a chiropractic practice as well as communicate with patients and learn more about individual patients' drive to prioritise chiropractic'" Ashleigh said.

"Involving myself in the industry prior to graduating has benefitted me by surrounding myself with knowledgeable qualified chiropractors whom I am able to ask questions to for additional opinions and advice."