CQUniversity hits major milestone as graduates cross stage in Indonesia

25 January 2022

CQUniversity's first cohort of Jakarta-based graduates have crossed the stage' in a major milestone for the Australian university's expansion into Indonesia.

Graduates were presented with a dual degree of Master of Management and Master of Business Administration' co-delivered by CQUniversity's Australian lecturers and the team at Universitas Bakrie.

CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor and President' Professor Nick Klomp was in Jakarta to celebrate the milestone and said that while the completion of any higher education qualification was a momentous achievement' being able to do it during a global pandemic' and the disruptions associated with it' made the achievements even more special.

'These graduates have had to adjust their study experience by completing classes virtually' meeting with peers and networks remotely' and not being able to have the typical university learning experience during lockdowns'' Professor Klomp said.

'While this study journey may not have been exactly how the students pictured it' they have shown an enormous amount of resilience' determination and commitment to their learning and professional development. The skills they have learned during this time will also prepare them for moving forward in their careers and they should all be very proud' as we all are' of what they have been able to do under such extraordinary circumstances.'

The graduation ceremony was held at The Nine Hall Sopo Del Tower Office' Jakarta and saw more than fourty guests in attendance' including notable guest of honour Minister of Development Planning of Republic Indonesia (BAPPENAS)' Professor Dr. (HC). Ir. H. Soeharso Monoarfa.

'We are grateful to have been welcomed by not only our valued Indonesia Education partners but also the Indonesian Government. We value these collaborations and the opportunities they have presented'' Professor Klomp said.

'Our countries have a lot in common – most recently' how we have both swiftly tackled COVID-19' prioritising and preserving the health of our people.'

CQUniversity Associate Vice-Chancellor for South East Asia' Professor Hendrik Halim' who leads the University's Indonesian operations from the Executive Business Training Centre in Jakarta said CQUniversity had already expanded its offerings for Indonesian students.

'We now have options for undergraduate qualifications in business' cyber security' digital media and public relations'' Professor Halim said.

Plans are also well advanced for CQUniversity's fully-fledged university campus in Medan' which is set to deliver undergraduate' postgraduate' research and PhD programs in the North Sumatran agricultural hub.

'For CQUniversity' Indonesia is an integral part of our future strategy and our vision to be a truly global university'' Professor Klomp said.