Retiring police and emergency services specialist to teach CQU's brand new Diploma of Public Safety

04 February 2022

As a former cop with 42 years' experience in South Australia's Police Service and 30 more years as a volunteer firefighter' Brian Mattner is more than qualified to deliver CQUniversity's brand new Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management).

Having recently applied for retirement from the Police Service' the opportunity to teach CQU's new Public Safety course virtually fell into his lap.

"I was contacted by a colleague who knew I was transitioning to retirement and recommended I apply for the teaching position for the Emergency Management course'" he said.

"I agreed that it would be a good opportunity to bring all of my education and experiences together and give that back to students."

Brian's resume is extensive. Forty-two years as an Operational Police Officer in South Australia' including running his own local stations and headquarter stations' and then returning to metropolitan South Australia as Operations Planning Coordinator.

In addition' Brian spent 30 years as a volunteer fire officer in SA's Country Fire Service as a firefighter' trainer and officer in various Brigades' the last five years as an Incident Management Team member/trainer. He also spent 12 years in the Australian Defence Force Reserve Army/Airforce.

Internationally' Brian has been a member of the original Australian Civilian Corp and has undertaken work in PNG and Indonesia through AusAID.

He has experience handling the management of fires' floods' storms' heatwaves' blackouts' disease' protests' search and rescues and the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I have been fortunate (from an experience point of view) to have been part of many 'emergencies' of various scales over the years. Whilst in PNG in the early 2000s I managed the Manam Island volcanic eruption response' and subsequent evacuation and resettlement of the Manam Island people'" he said.

"I was a firefighter and Incident Management officer for most of the big fires in South Australia over the past 30 years. The current floods in SA are (similar to) what I managed back in 1990s for days and weeks as major infrastructure was repaired.

"As a Police Officer' being involved on the ground and then in the planning of major deployments of personnel within the state' interstate and internationally was great. US presidents' secretaries of defence' ambassadors arriving in South Australia and having to plan major and secure security operations were opportunities to see' hear and gain exposures to 'the other side'.

"Working with sections involved in policing major crimes' outlaw motorcycle gangs and drug investigations were also great experiences."

Brian said he hoped to share these experiences and knowledge in the new online-based course' which has been designed to give students a very 'operational' view of what Emergency Management is all about.

"The course will transition from 'work within an emergency management context' through the principle 'operational components'' ending with understanding why we exercise to maintain competency and capabilities'" he said.

"This initial course is open and suitable for all persons who are either interested in Emergency Management or who are already involved in Emergency Management and would like to consolidate their knowledge and experience into a recognised national award."

Brian holds a degree in Emergency Management and several Advanced Diplomas in Occupational Health and Safety' Community Safety' Volunteer Management' Justice Studies' as well as training qualifications.

To inquire about the Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) contact CQUniversity on 13 27 86.