CQU celebrates female leaders on International Women's Day

08 March 2022

Employment data from CQUniversity Australia has shown that a majority of leadership positions at the regionally based university are held by women.

This includes roles from supervisor to senior executive level' across the professional' teaching and research disciplines.

Acting Deputy Vice-President' Barbara Miller explained that a recent report showcased the important fact that CQUniversity was predominantly led by females.

"Overall women do outnumber men when it comes to overall staff numbers at the University' but this recent report also shows that a significant percentage of leadership roles at the University (any role from supervisory level to above) are occupied by women.

"In fact' of the more than 420 leadership roles' almost two thirds of the positions are held by female leaders'" Ms Miller said.

"Another important factor in this is that the spread of leadership diversity is evident in all but two categories of leadership' and it is also spread across different role types and disciplines.

"As an equal opportunity employer CQUniversity has filled roles based on a merit and skills-based recruitment process so as a female member of the senior executive team' it makes me proud to see that women are being given equal opportunities and that they are able to excel within their chosen fields.

"I think our entire staff body recognises and values CQUniversity's diversity and our commitment to equity and flexibility for all within the workplace."

Jessica Lees' Director of Enterprise Client Services at CQUniversity has been employed with CQU for most of her career' and now manages several key areas within the University's Digital Services Directorate including library services' the IT service desk and field services' and teaching technologies and support.

"I have worked at CQUniversity since 2005' having started in an entry level IT services role.

"Since then' I have been able to gain new skills and engage in study and professional development that has allowed me to advance my career in what is traditionally a male dominated space.

"I now look after a number of critical digital functions within the University and my portfolio is made up of 75 amazing individuals'" Ms Lees said.

"Along with being able to develop my career and set professional goals I have also been supported personally in other areas including being able to take time off to travel' and to also take time off after having my children.

"CQUniversity's emphasis on supporting its employees and the many benefits available means that it provides a flexible environment that allows parents' especially those with young children' to balance those commitments with work' something that I know not all workplaces provide.

"I feel valued as a leader at CQUniversity' and I feel supported to get on with the job and engage in innovative best practice.

"I think CQUniversity is a really respectful and empowering place to work' regardless of your gender."

A 2020 report from Universities Australia' using data from the Department of Education' Skills and Employment' showed that 72.5 per cent of professional roles and 55.1 per cent of academic roles at CQUniversity were filled by women.

At the time' both figures were significantly higher than the Australian sector average of 66.4 per cent for professional staff and 47.7 per cent for academic staff.