Patrycja happy to be one of many CQU international students getting back on the study path

22 March 2022

After two years of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic' CQUniversity international student Patrycja Sznajder is one of hundreds of internationals grateful to be finally pursuing their dream of studying in Australia.

The 29-year-old from Wielkopolska' Poland' arrived at the Brisbane campus earlier this year to undertake English language studies.

"What brought me to Australia was primarily the desire to study and experience the adventure of something completely different'" she said.

"I wanted to gain experience and skills from outside Europe' and I am a forestry engineer by education – having studied it in Poland' so after I learned about the unique fauna and flora of (Australia) I can say that I was attracted to it like a magnet. Coming here was really important to me."

But like many international students' Patrycja was forced to wait because of the pandemic.

"Due to the situation with the corona virus' unfortunately I had to postpone my trip and my studies and career plans for over two years'" she said.

"I'm just starting out' but I should have finished my studies (by now). Everything was delayed and this situation stressed me out a lot because I didn't know what would happen next.

"But then I received a message from the university to say that I could come to the campus. I was very happy to start my adventure in Australia. I am very happy that everything is back to normal.

"I read a lot and watched a lot of interviews about Australia which influenced my decision. For a long time' I have wanted to see what it's like to live in a tropical climate. I also dream of walking through the rainforest and seeing the Great Barrier Reef."

Patrycja said once she completes her English studies' she plans to progress into a Master of Project Management.

"I want to combine the skills I've learned in my country and what I have learned in Australia'" she said.

"I want to work in forestry."

She said she was so far enjoying the English language course at Brisbane campus.

"I think the campus is nicely located. It is quite big and neat. It is also student friendly and has well-equipped rooms'" she said.