Facing fears to fight injustice: Nareeta Davis on How to Change a Life podcast

24 March 2022

Imagine being told you're not good at study. And hearing it from a teacher at primary school.

For Nareeta Davis' overcoming stereotypes has been a lifelong battle.

But the Cairns mum and award-winning solicitor has built self-confidence through faith in her own values' and determination to advocate for other people facing injustice.

Recently recognised as CQUniversity's Alumnus of the Year for Early Career Impact' Mrs Davis has shared her journey on CQUniversity's How to Change a Life podcast' outlining her decision aged 35 to study law.

"Growing up' and I'm 46 now' I always remember seeing Lindy Chamberlain on the TV' and the Azaria Chamberlain case' and seeing Uncle Eddy Mabo'" she explained.

"So I was seeing the injustice' but also the solicitors and that they were helping."

Mrs Davis also saw injustice closer to home' growing up with poverty in Townsville' and seeing her mum support people through the local homeless shelter.

While a career as a solicitor was a life-long dream' Mrs Davis said her decision to meet her Indigenous siblings for the first time was a key trigger for pursuing it.

"After meeting them' it made me feel' I'm totally complete now' I've got that inner strength and confidence to know who I am now and take that journey I've always wanted to'" she said.

Mrs Davis began studies with CQUniversity's Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) pathway in 2012' and graduated with her Bachelor of Laws in 2017.

In 2021' she was named Queensland Law Society's First Nations Solicitor of the Year.

If you're thinking about new career options' you can explore CQUniversity's STEPS pathway into study' and its flexible Law degree.

How to Change a Life is hosted by Mary Bolling from CQUni Communications. Music by CQU alumnus Tristan Barton.

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