30 March 2022

CQUniversity Australia and Granular Products have partnered to ensure top-quality performance from herbicide products being manufactured in Central Queensland.

In expanding its business from its home base in Orange' NSW' Granular Products manufacturing arm Cirrus Ag Pty Ltd' has established a new herbicide manufacturing facility in Rockhampton and has now engaged CQUniversity's Applied Chemistry team to undertake quality assurance checks of each batch during production.

Cirrus Ag's Principal Process Engineer Mansel Ismay said the partnership would ensure Queensland land managers could access local support and an efficient production system to meet their needs.

'Cirrus Ag manufactures a range of herbicides for Granular Products for the control of woody weeds and invasive grasses' which are specifically designed for Australian conditions'' Mr Ismay said.

'Until recently Queensland graziers were reliant on Granular Products NSW distribution network – by establishing a Cirrus Ag Rockhampton manufacturing facility and partnering with CQUniversity's chemists' we can ensure our range of herbicides are more readily available and of top quality.'

CQUniversity Senior Lecturer in Chemistry' Dr Mani Naiker' said the chemical analytics team utilized the laboratory facility at the university's Central Queensland Innovation Research Precinct that features High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) coupled with ultraviolet (UV) detection' for quantifying the levels of the active ingredient Tebuthiuron to meet the required specification of the Granular Products.

'CQUniversity's approach to research is built on working with the local and regional communities and industry to overcome challenges' and therefore it's very satisfying to use our analytical capabilities' experience and knowledge in helping pasture managers stay on top of invasive weeds'' Dr Naiker said.

Granular Products range of herbicides have been designed for aerial distribution' with the active constituent 100% stable at ground level until rain falls. This approach ensures product is not lost through evaporation and prevents unwanted impacts on beneficial plant species that can be caused by spray drift using liquid herbicides.

'Pasture management in Queensland's extensive grazing lands can involve vast tracts of wooded areas' steep hillsides and ravines' with weed management in these areas extremely difficult'' Mr Ismay said.

'In many cases' an aerial application of herbicide is the most cost-effective option' so maintaining the highest possible quality controls in our production line is of the utmost importance.'