Following the dopamine for a life-changing career: Aidan Baron podcast

31 March 2022

For Aidan Baron' realising his passion for paramedicine was a game-changer.

Building a career in the life-changing field meant fighting frustration' and a whole lot of social media.

And focusing on the people he could help' and the people making great health care happen' has driven a big career in research and practice for the paramedic innovator.

Mr Baron has shared his journey on CQUniversity's podcast How to Change a Life' explaining how his work as a paramedic fired his passion for research.

"I think being a paramedic ' we operate on very little information very well... but there was a lof of frustration among a lot of us' and I can remember some of my mentors saying' 'I think it's this' but I don't have x-ray vision''" he explained.

"So when I was at CQUniversity' I went to my professors' who were incredible mentors' and I said 'I want to study this' I think we should bring ultrasound into paramedicine!'"

Mr Baron used his CQUniversity Honours research into ultrasound-guided intravenous cannulation' and his Graduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound' to launch The PoCUS Course' an international training program for Point of Care Ultrasound.

He's also a leader in research' as has focused on how social media impacts health care delivery' and best practice for inclusive LGBTQIA+ health care.

Mr Baron is CQUniversity's Alumnus of the Year for Industry Excellence' and you can learn more about his work here.

How to Change a Life is hosted by Mary Bolling from CQUni Communications. Music by CQU alumnus Tristan Barton.

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