Organisation is key for Bundy teacher

19 April 2022

Leanne Baker is on a mission to help reduce the overwhelm and to assist people in creating space for what matters most.

From monthly overviews to weekly meal planning pages and daily routines' the CQUniversity alumnus offers online organisation courses and planners through her self-titled business Leanne Baker Daily.

"I love organising' planning and goal setting and saw the huge difference they made to my life'" Leanne explained.

"Naturally I wanted to share that with others. I love a challenge and am blessed to be challenged most days - both through teaching and my business."

After completing her Bachelor of Learning Management (Secondary and Vocational Education and Training) in 2009' Leanne began her career as a high school maths teacher which helped to spark her passion for organisation.

"As a teacher myself' I know how important it is to be organised. This helped me to create a specialised teacher's planner that is simple to use and easy to navigate when the days feel chaotic at times.

"Being around teachers and hearing what they need to structure their day has allowed me to create a product that aligns with what teachers want."

While Leanne's focus was always on a career in education' the enthusiastic entrepreneur said her studies with CQU gave her a diverse business mindset which she utilised while launching her company.

"Because I specialised in senior maths during my teaching degree' I was able to complete different subjects alongside accounting and engineering students.

"That was beneficial - not necessarily for the content itself' but more for learning to work alongside people who think and do things differently from the way I do them."

The Bundaberg mum said this also helped her to create a business model that was aligned with her beliefs and launched a series of giving back initiatives to support her community.

Since 2016' her small business has provided more than $70'000 in funds and product donations.

"It is important to me to give back to our local and national communities' with my time' as well as financially' as part of our business model'" Leanne said.

"I have two young children' so it is important that my boys grow up with the understanding of the significance of giving to others' as well as being actively involved in our local community.

"Being able to give back to others and to see the difference it makes to someone adds meaning to what we do."

For other aspiring entrepreneurs' Leanne suggests removing the noise of what others are doing and stick to what is authentic to them.

"Focus on what your customers need and what will make a positive difference to them first. Without customers' there is no business. Take care of them'" she said.

"I also find it important to maintain balance when you have a small business. Staying organised' recharging my batteries and setting up good systems from the start has helped me to stay focused."