Inspiring the next generation of jewellery artists

29 January 2022

Visual Arts Teacher Lisa Gaze is excited to share more than 25 years of experience in silversmithing and enamelling with the introduction of new jewellery making electives at CQUniversity Rockhampton.

The updated training package will be available to students enrolled on-campus in the Certificate III in Visual Arts and Diploma of Visual Arts from July (Term 2' 2022.)

Ms Gaze said through these new electives' students will learn technical' creative and conceptual skills to plan and realise a body of work.

"The jewellery specialisation will see students will follow a process - from creating the initial design to how it inevitably evolves and metamorphosis into a 3-dimensional piece."

"Not only will they apply traditional techniques to jewellery and 3D object production' but they will experiment with specialised techniques to create their own unique aesthetics.

"It is wonderful to see the interaction and the 'problem solving' that goes hand in hand with teaching a class of eager creative souls."

As both a teacher and practicing artist herself' Ms Gaze believes in lifelong learning and is always looking to increase her expertise.

"I am always creating new works and exhibitions that sell through different galleries and locations in Queensland.; This not only pushes me to expand my own creativity' but I hope it inspires future jewellery makers."

This weekend (Saturday' 30th April)' Ms Gaze's work will be showcased at The Mount Morgan 2022 Golden Mount Festival with a display of 38 jewellery pieces specially created for the event.

"The designs and creations of these hand-crafted wearable jewellery items have been inspired by my backyard and the local environments of Walterhall and Mount Morgan.

"These include - flora' fauna' bush' mine' town' history and found objects from wanderings'" Ms Gaze said.

"I create individually handcrafted pieces are created using a variety of materials (sterling silver' fine silver' gold' titanium' brass' copper' enamels' semi-precious stones' bone' shell and found objects)' selected for their uniqueness and expressive quality' enhancing the initial design.

"My main passion is for creating individual' handcrafted wearable works of art that the owner will cherish and wear for life."

Lisa's collection will continue to be on display for the next 12 months at 'Wattle Bee Next'' Mount Morgan Newsagency (45 Morgan Street' Mount Morgan.)

For more information on jewellery making and the Certificate III and Diploma of Visual Arts' visit