Aviation students given unique opportunity to connect with Airbus leaders

06 May 2022

Professor Doug Drury loves passing on knowledge to his aviation students.

And with more than 40 years' experience in the industry' the CQUniversity Head of Aviation brings much insight to his teaching role.

"I believe strongly in giving students the best learning outcomes possible'" Prof. Drury said.

"My technique to counter the challenges with digital learning is to make our lectures as engaging as possible' and to assist with that' I often invite colleagues in the industry to appear and hold discussions on topics related to our topic."

Prof. Drury did just that recently when he co-hosted a forum on cockpit design and advanced technology alongside three representatives from Airbus in Toulouse' France.

"Captain Shaun Wildey (Test Pilot)' Tim Roach (Head of Safety Promotion) and Nicolas Bardou (Product Safety Communications Advisor) from Airbus all presented and while the discussion primarily focussed on aviation human factors at an airline pilot level' we also discussed the evolution of flight deck design and the current technology and where automation is headed for the future'" Prof. Drury said.

"Our students got the chance to be connected to the very best sources of information for their learning – a wonderful opportunity and something I'm not aware that has been offered to any other Australian universities' aviation students."

Prof. Drury said his students appreciated the opportunity and asked some "impressive questions".

"The feedback from Airbus was complimentary of the student's enthusiasm and subject understanding'" Prof. Drury said.

"What a great story for our university – connecting with the big players in aviation even 15'000km away. This was a fantastic moment in the life of our aviation unit."

Prof. Drury said he would continue to provide students with these types of experiences.

"These opportunities ensure that our students are armed with the most up-to-date knowledge as they enter our exciting yet continuously evolving industry."