CQUniversity honours Professor Yvonne Cadet-James for contributions to research

12 May 2022

CQUniversity Australia awarded an honorary doctorate to Professor Yvonne Cadet-James during today's Cairns Graduation ceremony (12 May 2022).

The ceremony acknowledged Professor Cadet-James' services to national Indigenous research reform and the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research.

Over the last 20 years' she has had a profound impact on changes in policy and practice regarding the ethical conduct of research' funding criteria and capacity-strengthening to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Professor Cadet-James has also made significant contributions to the success of CQUniversity's Jawun Research Centre.

CQUniversity Deputy Vice-President Indigenous Engagement' BHP Chair in Indigenous Engagement' and Director of the Jawun Research Centre' Professor Adrian Miller thanked Professor Cadet-James for her role in strengthening the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous researchers within the University.

"As an invaluable cultural and institutional mentor to both myself and countless university members' Professor Cadet-James is exceptionally deserving of today's honorary doctorate.

"She has been a highly influential associate of the Jawun research Centre through facilitation' acting in an advisory and mentor role; providing demonstrations and workshops and helping to establish research agendas.

"Professor Cadet-James is an active member of our strategic planning meetings as well as a Chief Investigator and key advisor on current and past National Health and Medical Research Council Australian Research Council-funded grants of CIHER' including four grants relating to Indigenous health and mental health'" Prof Miller said.

"She is an Elder and role model for current and future leaders at national and regional levels' demonstrating strong integrity and ethics' and a generous leadership spirit."

As a proud Gugu Badhun woman' Professor Cadet-James said she felt privileged to be involved with a university whose values are underpinned by a dedication to world-class education' research and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

"I am passionate about CQUniversity because of the commitment to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the traditional matters that affect them'" she said.

"I am fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with members of CQUniversity and the Jawun Research Centre on several research grants. Most recently' I was involved in facilitating workshops for staff and stakeholders to assist in setting future directions for the Centre.

"This experience reinforced the significant and innovative work that the Centre is achieving across a range of discipline areas."