CQUniversity congratulates new PM and ALP on election win

23 May 2022

CQUniversity's Vice-Chancellor and President has congratulated Australia's new Prime Minister' Anthony Albanese on his election win over the weekend' and thanked the Labor Party for their commitment to several critical CQUniversity-led infrastructure projects.

In the lead up to the election' the ALP committed to a new CQUniversity campus in the Cairns CBD ($50 million)' upgrades and investment into the Coastal Marine Ecosystems Research Centre (CMERC) in Gladstone ($15 million)' and the new Mackay Electric Vehicle and Energy Training (MEVET) centre ($9 million).

Professor Nick Klomp said he welcomed the new Government and looked forward to working with them to make the projects a reality.

'I congratulate Mr Albanese on becoming the new Prime Minister.

'I look forward to working with the new Government' the PM and the new Minister for Education' on ensuring people who live in regional communities have the same access and opportunities when it comes to higher education and training.

'I am also looking forward to progressing the projects that have been committed to as part of the election campaign'' said Professor Klomp.

'CQUniversity has worked hard over the past few years to sure up support for these projects and ensure regional Queensland gets its fair share of much needed investment into education' skills training' and research infrastructure.

'We will soon be seeing more than $74 million in funding flow through to the Cairns' Gladstone and Mackay communities' which will create jobs' ensure we have the facilities to deliver innovative VET and Higher Education courses' and allow us to deliver research that will directly benefit our coastal and marine ecosystems in Central Queensland and within the Southern Great Barrier Reef.'

Professor Klomp added that he looked forward to continuing to work with incumbent members across CQUniversity's campus footprint' including in the electorates of Capricornia' Dawson' Flynn' and Leichardt.

'All of our incumbent members have worked hard to get these vital infrastructure projects over the line' regardless of their party affiliation. I thank these members for their tenacity in the lead up to the election and look forward to continuing to build on the great relationships we have established.'

The new CQUniversity campus proposed for the Cairns CBD will be able to service up to 4'000 students per year by 2030 and it is estimated that the project will inject up to half a billion dollars into the region's economy over the next decade.

The funding committed for CMERC in Gladstone will provide an economic boost for the region and will ensure that the research facility is equipped with the necessary facilities and resources to continue supporting the reef while enhancing best-practice by industry.

Independent research conducted by Deloitte Access Economics found that CMERC' once fully funded and complete' would contribute $150 million to the economy over 20 years.

In Mackay' the MEVET Centre will allow CQUniversity to deliver training in light and heavy vehicle maintenance and repairs; hydrogen fuel cell installation and repairs for light and heavy vehicles; maintenance and repair of hybrid engines; maintenance and operation of electric vehicle infrastructure such as charging stations; and the installation and maintenance of alternative energy infrastructure including solar and wind.

Qualifications delivered via the centre will include Certificates and Diplomas in sustainable and renewable energy and short courses in energy design and installation' hydrogen' and fuel cell safety and transportation.

It is expected that the construction of the MEVET will create up to 45 jobs with another 20 permanent jobs created in training' administration' and support once the Centre is established.

CQUniversity will work with the new government to finalise the funding for each project and commence capital works and operation.

It is estimated that each project will commence within the next 12 months.