Scholarship helps career change dreams become a reality

24 May 2022

The repetitive nature of working as a painter and decorator for the past seven years had passed its expiration date for Lewis Haslop who is now following his passion to become a teacher.

Enrolling in CQUniversity's Bachelor of Education (Secondary) course' Lewis has dreams of turning his enthusiasm for working with young people into a career in education' while also reaping the many benefits of the profession.

"I've worked with a lot of apprentices in my time' and I found that teaching them was the most rewarding part of the job'" Lewis explained.

"For a few years now' my wife has told me I would be a great teacher."

He also explained that he was also drawn to teaching because of the financial benefits' leave arrangements and the work-life balance which he believed would have huge mental health advantages.

Lewis said a friend had encouraged him to look at CQUniversity as it was "the only Uni he could find that allowed you to study all the subjects online" – something very important to Lewis as he lives in a very remote part of Australia.

"Living rurally' this was very important' so I just took him at his word and applied for CQU."

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Lewis and his wife live in the Far North Queensland town of Bamaga' where 82 per cent of the population are Indigenous' although the couple do not identify as Indigenous themselves.

"We have lived here for a year and a half now and don't see ourselves leaving for quite some time. It is very enjoyable living here and the lifestyle is like no other."

The transition to study after working on the tools for some time may not have been easy' but it's a process which is proving to be rewarding. Lewis is the first in his family to attend university and attributes his determination to succeed in his career to the emotional and financial support of his wife.

He also now has the backing of a CQUniCares Connellan Airways Trust Scholarship which is awarded to students of merit who reside in an outback' remote or rural location.

The Connellan Airways Trust is a non-profit organisation ensuring that outback people have opportunities to thrive irrespective of where they live. Each year Connellan Airways Trust provides up to $5000 for one year of financial assistance to support and recognise undergraduate students residing in remote or rural Australian communities.

"The scholarship will help pay for the flights and travel arrangements when it is required for me to come onto campus or attend a residential school'" Lewis said.

The CQUniCares Scholarship program changes lives and CQUni is grateful to partner with the Connellan Airways Trust who share the University's passion for making a difference in the lives of our remote students' their families and our communities.