Damien takes a positive step in his career with CQU qualification

03 June 2022

As a passionate lifelong learner' Damien Pigott said studying positive psychology had opened great opportunities in his life both professionally and personally.

The 55-year-old recently graduated from CQUniversity's Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology which allowed Damien to expand his knowledge of positive human development and wellbeing.

"I was looking to further my studies for personal and professional growth to take on a more consultative leadership role within the organisation I work at'" he said.

"I saw positive psychology as a fascinating area of study that deeply impacted each aspect of an individual's life and could make me a better leader.

"From a professional point of view' I have become a better coach. From a personal perspective' I grew a greater appreciation and awareness of coping strategies."

The Sydney-based father said he was initially drawn to CQU's online program because of the ability to focus on his own health and wellbeing.

"I chose CQU for three reasons – the reputation in remote learning' the depth and expertise of the teaching staff' and the flexibility of the course.

"It also allowed me to study at my own pace. Between work and family commitments and maintaining my health and wellness during the pandemic' the ability to complete one or two units a semester was a great advantage'" Damien said.

"The greatest challenge was to stay focused as things changed over the last couple of years' however' that was far outweighed by the many highlights – working with other enthusiastic and committed students from around the globe' being able to interact with personal experiences with deep academic research and developing skills through a myriad of practical activities."

Not ready to end his study journey yet' Damien said he intends to continue his studies through a higher degree and utilise his skills in the business sector.

"Over the past few years during COVID' I realised the skills I learned during my studies were important and practical. Coaching' biophilia' meditation and other journaling activities all assisted in coping with a tumultuous time'" he explained.

"I hope to continue to help supporting people I work with and my broader network. As business conferences and meetings commence again' I have been asked to speak and share insights from my studies.

"The more I speak about positive psychology' the more I realise that many people are searching for help with work-life balance and stress coping mechanisms.

"I see this as an extension of the gift of learning CQU shared with me."