CQUniversity and BHP launch First Nations Community Engagement guide

22 June 2022

CQUniversity Australia and BHP have today launched a First Nations Community Engagement guide.

Titled First Nations Community Engagement: Industry Guide Phase I' the important resource was developed specifically for industry and organisations that engage with First Nations communities in Australia.

CQUniversity Deputy Vice-President of Indigenous Engagement' Professor Adrian Miller co-authored the guide and said he was proud to launch it to the wider community.

"The Guide bridges gaps in current culturally appropriate community engagement practices while sharing learnings about best practice industry engagement with First Nations communities'" Professor Miller said.

Based on the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) engagement Spectrum' the guide was also co-authored by CQUniversity's Dr Carolyn Daniels and Madeline Stewart.

"Phase one is the result of the combined efforts of the Office of Indigenous Engagement (OIE)' BHP/BMA and collaborating BHP and BMA partners'" Professor Miller explained.

"The BHP Partners Symposium was held in March 2021 where CQUniversity staff and BHP shared our collective experiences in engagement practices with First Nations communities.

"Indigenous leaders discussed authentic First Nations engagement' cultural competency' training' mentoring and the development of meaningful Reconciliation Action Plans. Partners also presented case studies which then identified gaps in current engagement practices."

Professor Miller said CQUniversity was committed to working in partnership with First Nations people to develop beneficial outcomes.

"These outcomes include engagement that is effective and productive for both First Nations communities and the organisations with whom they engage. The First Nations Community Engagement: Industry Guide Phase I is our commitment to these outcomes. We envision this guide will provide a means of connection' learning and innovation for organisations across Australia."

Hay Point Coal Terminal General Manager Linda Murry said she was proud BMA had helped develop this significant resource.

"This guide is the result of the leadership and vision of Professor Miller and his team at the OIE and the collaborative efforts of BHP and BMA and our community partners'" she said.

"This is a landmark publication we are very proud of. It is the culmination of 18 months of consultation' workshops' engagement and co-design.

"This framework supports organisations' engagement with First Nations communities in mutually beneficial and respectful ways' ultimately providing meaningful outcomes for First Nations people and our company."

First Nations Community Engagement: Industry Guide Phase I can be accessed HERE.