Seamless pathway supports new nurses

12 July 2022

CQUniversity is proud to support Townsville nurses through any stage of their career – from diploma to degree and beyond.

The 2022 CQU Townsville Campus Graduation Ceremony saw four new registered nurses celebrate the end of a long study journey after completing the articulation from the Diploma of Nursing to the Bachelor of Nursing.

Melissa Curnow was one of these students who decided to begin her career as an enrolled nurse in 2018.

"I decided to study nursing because I always knew the Monday to Friday' nine to five job wasn't for me. From a young age' all I ever wanted to be was a nurse.

"I started with CQU's Diploma of Nursing as I didn't do very well in school and needed a pathway into the bachelor's program. Looking back' I can't recommend the pathway enough and if I had to do it all again' I wouldn't change a thing'" Ms Curnow said

"The diploma gave me a chance to build my confidence after such a long study break. The class sizes were small' and we got hands-on practice in an amazing clinical space that looked exactly like a hospital ward."

She said completing the Diploma of Nursing first was ideal as she was able to get a foot in the door in the nursing industry' coupled with on-the-job experience.

"I found transitioning to the bachelor's degree extremely easy. I was lucky enough to find work quickly after I graduated from the diploma. This made it easier to be able to do and see what we were learning about first-hand."

The Diploma of Nursing allows graduates to work as an enrolled nurse (EN) before continuing their studies in the Bachelor of Nursing and satisfy the requirements to be a registered nurse (RN).

"I had only recently graduated from the diploma and saw a job advertised in a maternity ward for an assistant in nursing (AIN) position. I was offered the role as an EN and was given the opportunity to work with amazing doctors' nurses' and midwives'" Ms Curnow said.

"Whilst on my final bachelor's placement' I was offered a full-time position with the Maternity team as soon as my RN registration came through."

Ms Curnow said she is now pursuing her passion for maternity care and women's health with plans to continue her studies further through CQU's Bachelor of Midwifery (Graduate Entry).

"I have been so lucky in my short amount of time in nursing. I am one of the Healthy Hearing coordinators in Townsville and have been trained in advanced neonatal resuscitations.

"I am blessed to work with new families and watch their bond and confidence grow as new parents."

VET Health and Nursing Head of Course Michelle Carr said she was proud to help the next generation of inspired nurses to enter the industry.

"The Diploma of Nursing is a popular course. It attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life looking to jump-start their career in healthcare.

"It takes 18 months to complete' not years like the bachelor's' meaning you can start working in the industry sooner'" she explained.

"An added bonus is the ability to complete a three-year nursing degree in only two years. Successful completion of the Diploma of Nursing provides a shortened pathway due to the articulation.

"This offers great career progression as you can start with the diploma and further your education when 'life permits' through the bachelor's degree."